NFL Concussion settlement claims report & Disability claims approval from 2007

Jan 18, 2018

It shows that there are 158 claims to be paid. 40% of those claims however have not been paid.

Over 60 of the paid claims were to players who died from CTE and/or have ALS.

There are ONLY 6 players who are to be paid for Level 1.5 and Level 2.0 diagnoses. They have denied 32. There are over 1000 claims that NO decision has been made.



Here is the rather shameful claims report that was just published by the Claims Administrator.

NFL disability report from 2007:  2.44%disability



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  1. Mike Dotterer
    January 21st, 2018 at 4:03 pm #

    Thank You Dave for keeping all of us updated on the shameful acts on part of the NFL. As you may know, I was drafted by the Raiders as a running back in 1983 (8th Round). I then tore my anterior cruciate in training camp at the El Rancho Tropicana in Santa Rosa. I was placed on Injured Reserve and came back to practice with the Team later that year with a torn cruciate (since Dr. Rosenfeld was not repairing ACL’s back then). I then reported to Training camp in 1984 with a torn cruciate ligament and played in 2 pre-season games. During Training camp I got addicted to muscle relaxers. I was finally put on waivers before the regular season began.
    In short, I applied for the concussion settlement and was told they have no record of me being on the Team. I will be retaining an attorney this week to sort it out.

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