Paul Tagliabue Yearns for Hall of Fame, but Concussions Tarnish Legacy

Feb 4, 2017



click here: Paul Tagliabue Yearns for Hall of Fame, but Concussions Tarnish Legacy

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  1. Kelly Ramsey
    February 4th, 2017 at 11:18 pm #

    It seems odd to me that a man like Paul Tagliabue would be inducted alongside a class of athletes and contributors that sacrificed so much for the love of the game and the advancement of a sport. Why would we celebrate someone who consciously ignored an epidemic that spread throughout the league, all the while knowing the truth and hiring “yes men” medical specialists to contradict the scientific evidence to the contrary. Yes, his loyalty was to the NFL, which should have included the welfare of the players that made the NFL what it is today. Nevertheless, the NFL won out, and the players lost. He had to protect the game and the institution, not the players. That was someone elses job. Countless players and their families suffered under his tenure by his institution of a blanket disability denial policy that ignored the health and welfare of the most important people in the sport, the players. He turned his cheek to the negative consequences so the NFL could become richer, and richer still. His late life acknowledgement of his mistakes doesn’t erase the harm that plagued the players, most of which doesn’t make the news and never will. As is in most institutions, public and private, it’s the bottom line that matters. It was his job to protect it, which he did vigorously. I hope that the committee weighs all the evidence of Mr. Tagliabue’s career, not just the few positive things he accomplished. I believe his fumbles would far outweigh his touchdowns and he would surely not be considered the MVP of the game. Strictly my opinion but hopefully shared by others who see the bigger picture.

  2. David Meggyesy
    February 5th, 2017 at 12:33 pm #

    Thank you Kelly, you nailed it.