NFL’s dark side: Haunted by husband’s death, widow takes CTE fight to Super Bowl

Jan 27, 2017

Fort Worth Star Telegram

NFL’s dark side: Haunted by husband’s death, widow takes CTE fight to Super Bowl

Fort Worth Star Telegram  – 10 hours ago
Cyndy kept a journal during their struggles with CTE, which evolved to the November release of her book, After the Cheering Stops: An NFL Wife’s Story of Concussions, Loss and the Faith That Saw Her Through. She also co-founded a new support group …
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  1. Lynn
    February 25th, 2017 at 3:17 pm #

    My son played NFL football for 8 years and today has advanced TBI’s and CTE. He is self medicating with alcohol and trying just to stay alive. He has been to 5 treatment centers two of which were designed for the NFL players to treat the brain injuries. They did not treat the co occurring illness …TBI and addiction. Surely with all the money the NFL has and the fast developing brain treatments there is SOMETHING THEY CAN DO TO SAVE THESE YOUNG MEN’S LIVES.

    Their families are devastated, their reputations ruined and their hard earned money gone. Talk about a throw away society….this is the ultimate. AND it can be helped. SOOOOO sad. Wouldn’t be great if the NFL would step up and be the leaders they all talk about with integrity and conscience.
    We live day by day not knowing what it will bring or if we will have a son that day and our granddaughters will have their dad. PLEASE PLEASE HELP THESE YOUNG ME…..!!!!!

  2. Brian Nemeth
    March 2nd, 2017 at 1:42 pm #

    Does Lynn mean there is a treatment center for players where when how !!