‘Return-to-Learn’ laws may not help students after concussions

Nov 7, 2016
 Fox News

‘Return-to-Learn’ laws may not help students after concussions

Fox News  – 2 hours ago
Eight U.S states have laws requiring schools to give students extra help after a concussion, but a new study suggests these efforts may stop short of giving kids the support they need to succeed.
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  1. Don Brady, PhD, PsyD, NCSP
    November 7th, 2016 at 1:26 pm #

    In my 2004 Dissertation re NFL Players’ knowledge of concussions I pointed out that return to the classroom issues were generally not a primary focus of concern after a school age athlete suffered a concussion. My previously voiced concern follows:

    ” Although this [school] age group has the highest frequency of concussions, there is a paucity of sports-related concussion research regarding this population. One of the areas this research needs to better address is the student-athlete’s ability to safely return to play and adequately function within the classroom setting after he or she sustains a concussion. Unfortunately, at the present time, functional recovery from a concussion typically focuses on when an athlete may return to participating in sports, ignoring how well the student part of the student-athlete is able to function within the classroom setting (Brady, D., 2004). ”

    In a June 2011 article published by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) that I co-wrote…’return to the class’ aka ‘return to learn’ was addressed more in depth.

    A Link to this Sport Related Concussion June 2011 article follows:


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    Thank you.


    Dr. Don Brady