Dan Marino withdraws from concussion lawsuit

Jun 5, 2014


Former NFL quarterback Dan Marino has withdrawn from a suit against the NFL. The suit says the league knew for years there was a link between concussions and long-term health problems. Scientists believe repeated head trauma can cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, a progressive degenerative disease of the brain. Symptoms include depression, aggression, and disorientation, but so far scientists can only definitively diagnose it after death. Here are a few of the former athletes who have been diagnosed with CTE.




 Click here: Reports: Dan Marino withdraws from concussion lawsuit

CNN  - Jun 4, 2014
(CNN) — Dan Marino, considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in National Football League history, is withdrawing his name from a concussion lawsuit against the NFL, according to published reports. The news, first reported by the South Florida Sun …
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  1. Don Brady, PhD, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist
    June 6th, 2014 at 3:02 am #

    Suggest you read the following related article that was placed on Syracuse.com, the online version of Syracuse, New York’s The Post Standard. The article was authored by award winning sport’s journalist, Bud Poliquin.

    Posted on Bud Poliquin on June 04, 2014, 9:45AM:

    “Dan Marino may have forgotten that concussions are, undeniably, part of NFL’s violent game.

    Dave Meggyesy, the former Syracuse Orangeman, suggested as much so many years ago. Now, others (including local psychologist Don Brady) are reminding us again.” … Full story at:


    Also suggest that you view a recent ION TV sport-related concussion interview with the same Don Brady, PhD, PsyD (myself) and well known Albany, NY area broadcaster, Joe Condon, that has been placed on youtube.


    This 2 part March 2014 interview was for taped for “The Subject Matters” public affairs show via the Albany area station – ION TV WYPX, and was broadcast on May 29 and June 3, 2014.

    The show will also be broadcast in the Syracuse and Buffalo areas – TBA.

    Please consider sharing this 2 part interview with others. There are two separate 14 minute segments that comprise the 1/2 hour interview: The 1st is entitled “sport concussions” & the 2nd is “concussions”.


    Scheduled broadcast days in the Albany, NY / Capital District area were: May 29 and June 3.

    The show will also be televised in Syracuse and Buffalo – TBA.

  2. Don Brady, PhD, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist
    June 6th, 2014 at 3:12 am #

    PS. ooops… below is the complete URL for the Bud Poliquin article mentioned above…


    Dan Marino may have forgotten that concussions are, undeniably, part of NFL’s violent game

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