NFL Films & Bob Stein, “Trust Me”

Apr 4, 2014
               Bob Stein

For the last 35 years, I’ve been fighting the NFL over my injures and denial of disability benefits. 6 years ago, I started a blog to share my battle with former players and to help arm them with the ammunition and proper weapons to take on the league. Recently, over 2000 of us opted out of the Publicity Rights settlement.  That’s the one where none of us received a direct benefit through the money paid. At any rate, I was shocked to see that hundreds of guys never hired a lawyer to represent them. I recently told many retired players to go get a lawyer (anyone for that matter), but I would recommend my lawyer (Jason Luckasevic). Apparently, Bob Stein felt that I lied to these former players.Well, here are some truths about Bob Stein: 1. He lost control of the Dryer litigation allowing other lawyers to sweep in and create the utterly inadequate Dryer settlement. 2. Nonetheless, Bob was personally awarded nearly a half of million dollars in fees for this debacle. (read the details on Page 10)
 click here: Dryer Attorney Fees Order  
Again, how much did any of you get out of that deal? 3. For years, Bob Stein refused to represent any of us in the concussion lawsuit. Did he not think that our brains were battered from our playing days? But, when the validity of our concussion case was demonstrated through the NFL’s offering nearly a billion dollars, then Bob “decided” to get involved. 4. And, who is Bob recommending you ask?….. Himself. 5. Meanwhile, Bob is advising players that all Dryer opt-outs are included in his Publicity Rights Class Action.  However, my understanding is that no one (besides those 11 guys who are named in the case) are included, unless the  Judge says so after the certification process. And, that my fellow retired brothers, is NO GUARANTEE. I just shared my version of what is real and what is not.  You better double-check your pocket books to see who is correct on this one.
PS: The only thing missing here is a picture of Bob Stein smiling and standing next to Roger Goodell saying, “Trust Me.”
Dave Pear
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