What We’ve Learned From Two Years of Tracking NFL Concussions

Feb 8, 2014



click here: What We’ve Learned From Two Years of Tracking NFL Concussions




FRONTLINE – Feb 4, 2014

When FRONTLINE started investigating the NFL’s concussion crisis in 2012, we ran into an early stumbling block. We wanted to know how many head injuries were taking place in the league each season.






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  1. Jim Olsen
    February 20th, 2014 at 10:41 am #

    I have written a book titled We Played The Game For Nothing (Amazon) which details my twenty-five years of playing football at the lower (lowest) levels imaginable:semi-pro and minor-league professional. I have a shunt in my brain from the hydrocephalus I earned from approximately 23 concussions. The word “dinger” sounds so benign, so innocent, so harmless, that I never worried when I got “dinged-up”, Do I also have CTE? That is possible, even probable, but it would take an autopsy to find out. I’ll take a rain check on that for a couple of years if no one minds. Oh. I also stopped coaching the sport. It would be too hypocritical if me to to
    try to get kids to play the game, the way I was taught to play it. And, at 72, I still feel the effects of the game I still love.