What We’ve Learned From Two Years of Tracking NFL Concussions

Feb 5, 2014




click here: What We’ve Learned From Two Years of Tracking NFL Concussions






(It seems that prior to 2012 concussions did not exist in the NFL. A concussion was labeled as a stinger and therefore there was NO need to keep medical records). Is that right NFL Dr. “NO” Ira Casson?





When FRONTLINE started investigating the NFL’s concussion crisis in 2012, we ran into an early stumbling block. We wanted to know how many head injuries were taking place in the league each season.




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  1. Larry Kaminski
    March 15th, 2014 at 12:16 pm #

    Dave and Former Players:

    A few weeks back when I read the comments made by Janet Duranko and the wife of RC Owens, I was just overwhelmed with anger. We have stated are emotions in many communications on this blog but to no avail, it falls on deaf ears.

    I sent a letter( a copy was sent to you) to my local representatives in WA State and Colorado. Yesterday, I received a call from Sarah Stevens from Colorado Senator Michael Bennet’s office in DC.

    She was very concerned about the fate of both Duranko and RC saying, it was just shameful and she vows to perform due diligence on the matter of former players. However, her first enquiry will be with their contact DS of the NFLPA asking why it is happening. We all know that the propaganda machine will come to life explaining all the wonderful programs provided to us. The NFL will also spin it to favor them and point to a few from the past who do not get it.

    We have an opening so I ask that any of you that have the skills to communicate, please do. Dave, you may want to think about a way we can incorporate real stories into your site to be forwarded. I have asked her to look at the blog and the many comments. Guys like Bingham, Beer, Visger, Nobis, and the many others; let them know of your injuries and the reality of what the NFLPA or NFL has not done.

    I am going to call her on Monday to let her know of what has happened versus what the claims may be. If you can get her letters and your stories, we may just get an ear to listen and act. Am I being optimistic on an issue that seems to be just deny deny deny? I do not know but Pete Duranko was a dear friend andhis suffering will not be left to be forgotten. Recently Dave Costa died and he was diagnosed to have the worst case of CTE ever studied at the Boston University. Gents, fire up your hormones and fight this enemy the Commish and his monopolist owners.

    Contact: Sarah Stevens c/o of Senator Michael Bennet (Colorado)Washington, DC 202-228-5032…reference my name and tell her your story of issues and injuries and the lack of attention by the NFL. If you were denied NFL pension or disability, emphasis’s should be made on that issue.

    It is time to fight for our friends and past team mates…

    Thanks… Larry Kaminski

    Those wives of players who have suffered, suffering, or are gone, or just struggling let them know…call…bombard this office and maybe just maybe we can get a wake up call.

  2. Dave Pear
    March 16th, 2014 at 9:03 am #

    Hi Larry,

    Thank you for your comment on this tragedy!

    All one has to do is go on the internet and type: davepear.com and they can view the entire blog.

    If anyone is able to send an address of someone interested in the blog please send the address in the “Leave a comment” section found at the bottom of each post and we will add them as a contact.

    I will call Sarah Stevens on Monday (3/17/2014).

    Thank you!

    Dave Pear
    Pro Bowl 1978
    Super Bowl XV
    Social Security Disability at the age of 50