NFL concussion rates are lower at higher altitudes, study finds (???)

Feb 5, 2014

Denver Broncos

A new study finds that NFL players suffered fewer concussions when they played

games at higher altitudes, such as in Denver, above. (Justin Edmonds / Getty Images)

click here: NFL concussion rates are lower at higher altitudes, study finds

Los Angeles Times
Researchers have found that concussion rates are about 30% lower in games played at higher altitudes. The finding was based on an analysis of all 300 concussions reported during the first 16 weeks of regular-season NFL games in 2012 and 2013.
PS: Was this study funded by the NFL?
If Commissioner Roger Goodell can schedule all future NFL games to be played on the planet moon then the NFL can tout that they may have made the game a little safer but only as it relates to concussions. But will the public pay for these fancy football stadiums on the moon? The NFL spin doctors have some PR work to do in order to make this happen.
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    February 6th, 2014 at 12:49 pm #

    Aloha Former Players:

    Former Players of age may be concussed, but we our not dumb! I am insulted by the MOUTHS of NFL ” PIN-STRIPED SUITS with their TASSLED LOAFERS” , along with their Washington, D.C. Public Relation Firms and Media Partners, lying to the American Public. Mothers of America beware – they are after your sons.

    MOMS. If your child has athletic skills to make you believe he may be a Professional Athlete – WAKE UP ! Very few do by all scientific studies. Don’t believe the current Propaganda Campaign parading throughout TV and media outlets. A NCAA Football Scholarship? Forget about it. Your son could work at Burger King 4 hours per day and earn more money than he will for a NCAA FOOTBALL SCHOLARSHIP that requires him to work 6-8 hours daily and then go home with a migraine [ If he is lucky ] making it impossible for him to study. STRESS EDUCATION to your Boy!

    If he truly has NCAA ability, lean and train him for Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, or Soccer. He will have fun training and playing his Sport at least twice weekly, he will have time to study most importantly, and unlike the Former Football Players of the PAST – he will not suffer Concussions, Fractured Spinal Discs, Knee and Ankle Blowouts, and not be able to have a Family and WALK when he reaches the age of 50, or even earlier.

    I do not believe a word of “Statistical Studies” that comes from the NFL Office. They are directing their P.R. Campaigns at your Sons and You. Shame on them!

    Contact any of the Former Player Associations if you desire the TRUTH.

    L.A. RAMS 1974-76