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Larry Kaminski: “GREAT ILLUSION”

Feb 12, 2014

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Larry Kaminski

Now that the Superbowl is finished and the NFL coffers are filled with cash we move into a new year. A lot of talk is putting emphasis on concussions and the need to make the game more safe. Money is being promised and allocated to many research funds to work on that issue. However, one issue that has been going on for many years now is the fact that many players who played in the 1960′s through the 1980′s have serious problems. It has been shown through the many comments on your blog that guys are suffering. The Commish continues with his MO of we have worked to help these men and will continue to do so. The example at hand is the ridiculous settlement on the NFL Concussion lawsuit. There is no one that feels it is even close to be fair except the Commish. This, as he says, does the job to help the men who made the game. The judge, former players in need, the fans, even some media feel that the settlement is far from fair but to no avail.
My fellow former players, the Commish should now be called the Illusionist. I recently watched a movie with this title and could only come to the comparison that the Commish puts out statements, articles, words but like smoke or a cloud; there is no substance. If you have serious injury do not expect anything close to what the substance of the issue professes. If you have played just a few games and have issues then you have a burden of proof to the Commish and his crew. If you have family or friends who have passed on or worse, the issue will presented regarding money but the caveats attached will prove to be so burdensome with almost impossible conditions to meet.
Gents…The NFL Concussion suit is one big Illusion. It is smoke and mirrors. It is a whiff of smoke or a breath of fog or mist. It is not real. It is a shame but it is what it is. I am sad for those men and their dear brides that need this to survive. However, the Illusionist does not care but for the attention of the illusion.
I am attaching some paperwork from 3 year battle in CA for reasonable compensation. even though the court ruled that I am with issues, the attorney representing me has said per the present NFL settlement, it would be a tough case to settle. Go figure
Thank you.
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  1. Susan Owens
    February 12th, 2014 at 2:51 pm #

    Since it appears as though the last thing the Commissioner wants is bad publicity why aren’t all retirees shouting out this unfairness to the media. I know there have been many who have, but it only comes in spurts after (bad) decisions have already been publicized. Why not keep the injustices loud and clear, right now, and force him (Commissioner), by way of public outrage, to give people answers to their claims?

  2. Dave Pear
    February 12th, 2014 at 3:41 pm #

    Hi Susan,

    That is a great idea! Anything you can do to help the plight of retired players (esp. pre. 1993) would be very much appreciated.

    I have been battling the NFL for my earned disability benefits since 1979. It has at times consumed my life and it is not easy.

    Many retired players are so beat up they have lost their will to fight and are now losing their thinking ability and the NFL is doing ALL they can to take advantage of this sad situation. At this stage of the game the NFL cares very little about bad publicity. Their only real concern is their $10,000,000,000 annual gross income which will skyrocket to $27,000,000,000 in the next 10 years.

    This is GREED……

    We need ALL the help we can get!

    Thank you,
    Dave Pear
    Pro Bowl 1978
    Super Bowl XV
    Social Security Disability at the age of 50.

  3. Bob Avellini
    February 13th, 2014 at 6:25 am #

    Many times we have only our own disorganization and ineptitude to blame for our situation. An example would be the 675 million dollar settlement that was agreed to by the plaintiffs’ (ex players) attorneys. If it was not for Judge Brody questioning the feeble amount, we would have accepted the terms. This would have satisfied the NFL and the Lawyers, but would do very little for the ex players. The idea that 20,000 retired players would be covered over as much as a 60 year period is ludicrous…and that’s if they qualified for a payout. So not only has our Leadership failed us, but we’ve become enablers to them.

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