” Football Fans Organize to Challenge NFL’s Tax-Exempt Status, Billions in …

Jan 31, 2014

NFL: 501(c)(6) non profit status


” Football Fans Organize to Challenge NFL’s TaxExempt Status, Billions in 

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On their home page, the group notes that “Despite making $10 billion annually in profits, and paying Commissioner Roger Goodell a whopping $29.5 million dollars-a-year (15 times more than the nonprofit tax-free league gives to charity), the NFL …


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  1. Rick Sanford
    February 1st, 2014 at 10:21 am #

    I just read Patrick Hruby’s article to Congress about the NFL. After reading it, I would like to compliment him for a true and honest depiction of the NFL and how they have gotten over on not only us as former players but the American people as well. I do not understand in light of all the evidence of numerous and continued wrong doing by the NFL that the executives and their staff continue business as usual. Congress, get off your butts and recognize injustice and flat-out thievery. Power is one thing but doing continued injustice to others should and hopefully won’t be tolerated. Somehow, this article needs to be brought to the forefront for all people in each State of the USA to view. Maybe, then finally justice can and will prevail.