“Nonconcussion head impacts in contact sports linked to brain changes and lower test scores”

Dec 14, 2013


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Thank you Dr. Amen for this thought provoking article. It is frightening! Look at the helmet and face mask of the young person running with the football in the picture.


What do you parents think about this? Make a comment.
When will the NFL provide real benefits and restitution for concealing the dangers from repeated blows to the head playing football? No more quack NFL doctors like Dr. NO (aka-Ira Casson) or a Long Island rheumatologist with no previous expertise in brain research Elliott Pellman. Football is hazardous to your health.
After more than 3 1/2 months, not a word on the proposed NFL concussion settlement. Another broken promise from the NFL. Where is your promised immediate relief for retired players with critical and grave brain injuries? 
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  1. judson flint
    December 15th, 2013 at 7:36 am #

    Where you think? In their pockets not ours! And won’t be for sometime!

  2. George Visger
    December 15th, 2013 at 10:52 am #

    My concussion history began during my 3rd year of Pop Warner at age 13, when I knocked myself unconscious in a dangerous Bull – In – The – Ring drill and was hospitalized.

    Nine football seasons later my brain surgeries and gran mal seizures began at 22 while with the 49ers. Now on brain surgery # 9 and have been battling the effects my entire adult life. In last 4 years due to cognitive impairment I’ve lost my Environmental Consulting business, lost our home, lost my marriage and fighting not to lose my children and my mind. Was forced to go out on disability nearly two years ago and not able to even provide a home for my family.

    Parents need to think hard about the long term effects of banging your brain.

    George Visger
    The Visger Group – Traumatic Brain Injury Consulting

  3. BEN Roth PHD
    December 15th, 2013 at 1:08 pm #

    I am not shocked and terribly saddened by the George’s history. I stopped playing organized football at 17 , in college following my third injury. I became depressed and only after college turned to psychology to find answers for myself . With a PhD I am aware of how lucky I was to stop when I did. I love the game but the physical and emotional price is way too high. I wrote two pieces for a psychoanalytic blog l one on Penn State and abuse and the other about watching a super bowl. I let my son play club football till he weighed 100 lbs, I won’t let my grandson play (and he has great hands).

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