NFL: Helmet hits causing more than just concussions

Dec 15, 2013



Helmet hits causing more than just concussions



Boston Globe
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Benjamin Volin

The NFL has a concussion problem – that’s nothing new. But after watching Rob Gronkowski get carted off the field last week after suffering a major knee injury, it got me wondering: Does the NFL have a helmet problem, too? Gronkowski tore at least the …
In my opinion, YES the NFL has a helmet problem. Why is Riddell being sued? Ask my attorney Jason Luckasevic. If the NFL would have had legitimate disability benefits for serious injuries with their Bell/Rozelle disability plan and their benefits were accesable for injured players then this would be a moot point. You see, If a retired player was rated 80% or greater disabled by the NFL’s own doctors and must rest frequently on the job then he was still denied his earned disability benefits. Just ask disability attorney John Hogan about his past and present nightmare cases with the Groom Law group and the Bell.Rozelle disability plan. At the age of 42 back in 1995 I was rated 80% or greater disabled by NFL Dr. Hugh Unger in Miami Florida (and he still operates as a NFL doctor) and he wrote in his medical examination that I must be able to rest frequently on the job and I was told to go find a sedentary job? What does that mean. I also was required to elevate my feet when I rested frequently on the job because of several neck and back fusions. Would any employers allow this? I ask Dr. Unger to answer this question. Also I have spent over $600,000 of my own money on surgeries I received playing football and the NFL has paid ZERO, NOTHING other than lip service. I was awarded social security disability at the age of 50 and my medicare bill has exceeded $500,000 for 6 more surgeries and I have more to come. May be this is one reason why medicare is going broke? The NFL which is s non profit and has an anti trust exemption does not even pay their own medical bills! But they do have a lot of fancy benefit plans for retired players that provide little to nothing. In my case they have provided 2 seat cushions and a $5 co-pay. Nothing more. Now the NFL has been caught concealing the effects of repeated hits to the head that cause brain damage and dementia. NFL Dr. NO (aka- Iran Casson) and rheumatologist Elliott Pelman for years tried to discredit Dr. Bennett Omalu and his findings of CTE. Dr. Omalu was right and Dr. NO and Elliot Pelman were caught in their scheme. Where are these two professional sell out NFL doctors? Lastly, If major changes are not made soon on the phony proposed concussion settlement and phony Bell/Rozelle disability plan (which by the way still has no vocational aspect and that is crucial) and no voting member on their panel understands disability law or has any medical training then football will be played without helmets if it has any chance of even surviving. The helmet was intended to protect the head not to causes brain damage. Their liability will continue to go through the roof. All one has to do is look at the history of the sport. TOO BAD NFL FOR BEING SOOOOOOOOOOOO GREEDY and having no regard or concern for their disabled players or their families.
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