Ex-Kansas City Chiefs sue team over concussion damage

Dec 3, 2013

National Post


  1. USA TODAY ?- by Peter Barzilai  ?
    Five former members of the Kansas City Chiefs filed a lawsuitTuesday against the NFL
    team, but not the league, for damages as a result of 
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  1. brian J nemeth
    January 6th, 2014 at 7:24 am #

    I played the same years Jimmie did, Tight ends were open targets for backers and safeties, We definetly got rapped in the head a lot whether the ball came our way or not! This victory for Jimmie is a victory for all of us TE’s whether vested or not. He was tough enough to last those years.. Congrats Jimmie, You do not know me or never will, but when my head gets thick, your victory will help us all go forward,,, What a bunch of greedy ————–! fill in your own words!