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Did a brain injury spur ex-Umaine, NFL linebacker to murder, suicide?

Dec 16, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle


  1. Bangor Daily News
    The family of former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, who shot and killed his girlfriend before taking his own life, had his body 

 ”Concussions are now a major player safety concern in the NFL, as well as a public relations nightmare, as many former players have come forward to reveal physiological damage attributed their careers in the league.”



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  1. Joe S.
    December 16th, 2013 at 6:41 pm #

    The death of Javon Belcher was tragic, by every degree. His evaluation, I hope, brings some comfort to his grieving family and friends. This grief is common amongst retired players who are dying with CTE, a form of dementia and tauopathy that can be measured, as Tony Dorsett can testify to. The least we can do, as we are all doing, is push the issue, of reconciliation for former players by the NFL, who are suffering. Granted, those players, recently who are making high dollar salaries will get limited sympathy from the public, however that is not the issue. The issue is culpabilitiy. Current players can adjust their salaries to have manadatory HSA or insurance coverage for CTE within their contracts. Older former players need assistance. We need to opt out of the current NFL settlement in proportion to the “nullification trigger” as to allow those individuals in dire need; if this is feasible. The $765 mill is a great benchmark as we should proceed to $800 million a year, for 20 years for retired players premiums or claims, to be managed by a 3rd party entity or a type of CO-OP under the new ACA. The “NFL / PLAYERS INSURANCE” CO-OP would be maintained by a 3rd party entity familiar with insurance and player health issues. There would be public participation to buy coverage into the organization. This is good PR for the NFL and Players – This is a small price to pay compared to a “tobacco industry ” type cover-up concerning CTE and concussions.

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