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Concussion history forces Vikings’ Carlson to ponder NFL future

Dec 20, 2013



Concussion history forces Vikings’ Carlson to ponder NFL future


Minneapolis Star Tribune
He has suffered three known concussions in six NFL seasons and, according to various reports, two additional ones during his college career at Notre Dame.
Larry Lamade, wrote in a memo to Ell last year that while orthopedic impairments can be ascribed to football activities, “This is not the state of scientific and medical research at the present time regarding concussions and neurological impairments”.
click here: Duerson Case Highlights Limits of NFL Disability Plan – NYTimes
Larry Lamade you were at my denial for my earned Bell/Rozelle disability benefits in 1995. Even though I was rated “80% or greater disabled” by NFL Dr. Hugh Unger and he wrote in his medical examination; “must be able to rest frequently on the job.” Dr. Unger wrote I can do sedentary work. I asked what sedentary work he had in mind and I am still waiting for an answer. (That was 18 years ago) 
So Larry, the NFL does not ascribe orthopedic impairments in football because the Bell/Rozelle disability plan ruled that an 80% or greater disability rating and being required to rest frequently on the job is not a Total and Permanent disability. I was told to go find a sedentary job.
In my opinion, this proposed concussion settlement seems and sounds just like my denial for disability benefits in 1995. It appears to be a complete debacle just like the Bell/Rozelle disability plan still is today.
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  1. Myron M Guyton
    December 20th, 2013 at 7:03 pm #

    It is sad to hear the stories over and over again, from so many of our Retired NFL Brothers. That they have been denied there NFL Disablity Benefits. This is money that we all invested into, thinking if one day we needed to use it, it would be there for us. Why is it so hard for us to retreive from our disability monies? Why is it even harder, once you receive the disable status, to be recognized as Total and Permanent? I have been through this process, and learned a few things that I think we all should do. I think we all need to start to support each other when it comes to Disability Benefits. If you have been through the process and sucessfully received your Disability Benefits. Ples
    ase, reach back and help one of the guys that are just starting the process. Or better yet, help one of the guys that have been turned down several times. Maybe you can share what you did in the process, and the approach you took. I filed for my disability benefits over five times, before the board would even take the time to explain why I was being denied. Then I was still denied! Finally I spoke with a former player and friend while attending a High School football camp. He came up to me and asked was I getting NFL Disablity? I told him no, and he said I can see the pain that you are in, just by the way you move(or lack of). He said that he had recently received his diability benefits, and he felt it was because he had gotten an attorney. So as soon as I got back home to Atlanta, I called an attorney in my area. This attorney turned out to be, not just an attorney, but Mr John Hogan(Look him up). John started by explaining how the system work. Then he explained that this could be a lenghty process, but he felt I had a strong case and didn’t understand why I was being denied. But making a long story short, it helped me when another player stepped in to give me help. And this is what we all should be doing. If you have been successful in getting your NFL Disability or Workers Comp or any other program that the NFL/NFLPA offer. Please reach out and offer your assistance or just tell the player where they can get the assistance that they might need.

    We have a lot of brothers out here that are hurting. Some are trying to get help, and others have no idea how to get started. Lets post more success stories and leave our contact info so we can be reached if someone may have a question. There has to be a way that we can join together and share best practices, that will make it easier for us to get these benefits that are being offered. At least we can increase the chances of us players in being sucessful of recieving our benefits.

    Come on guys, let’s take things to the next level, so we can work together and our chances are much greater of being successful. Aren’t you tired of hearing these same stories of our friends and family being told NO! We should single out every player that have a key role at each office for the NFL and the NFLPA. And continue to ask them why are we being rejected at such a high rate. When we as a sport have more than half our players retire, not because of choice. But because of a major injurie, that effected them being able to play the game. So why do we only have 3% of allretired players recieving there disablity benefits?

    I’m done! But, it’s just not right!

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