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Concussion Collision

Oct 2, 2013

1959 Three Stooges
So the end of September has come and gone. No sign of any details on that incredible once-in-a-lifetime $765 million proposed settlement offer to retired players for concussion damages that was supposed to have been available by the end of September. More retired players have died in the meantime. But no worries: Maybe they’re waiting to watch the documentary and read the book. Next week on October 8th, PBS will air their entire two-hour documentary League of Denial on Frontline and the accompanying book from Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru will also be available online at Amazon: League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth

As with most lawsuits where there’s lots of money involved, a lot of coattail riding has gone on with the NFL concussion lawsuits and some have questioned why we’ve been so adamant in recommending Jason Luckasevic and his firm Goldberg Persky White (and his partners Girardi Keese and Russomanno & Borrello) to represent you. Jason was the original attorney who spent years of personal time in researching and pulling together all the details and partners necessary to finally file a solid lawsuit on behalf of his first clients. And if anyone tells you otherwise, you’ll be able to read four chapters in the Fainaru Brothers’ book dedicated to the behind-the-scenes stories leading up to the filing of those first lawsuits.
You can also read the full accompanying article on ESPN – click HERE.

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  1. Joe S
    November 2nd, 2013 at 9:48 pm #

    THIS IS FOR LAWYERS AND NEUROLOGISTS. We need a small group of courageous Neurologist, that will not be paid off by outside interests ( hint), to develope a SCALE showing tau protein saturation in CSF based on the ELISA kits which demonstrates levels of brain damage ( dementia ). 0 being no damage to 100 being full scale dementia. This can be developed within 1-3 months, since there is a test ( ELISA kit ) that exposes tau protein damage.
    Once this is in place, the causation issue is gone! The NFL Concussion Issue is a cover-up similar to the Tobacco Industry cover-up! We will prevail!

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