Aug 28, 2013

We’re quickly approaching the deadline for Opting Out of the NFL Films Settlement offer deadline this Friday and we can’t help but think about all the different “Whys?” that keep coming up in our Comments Section as more and more retired players continue to Opt Out. In past posts, we’ve often compared the NFL to that creepy little neighborhood kid who used to come over to your house to play Monopoly. He never liked to lose and he always cheated and made up his own rules as he went along.
NFL monopoly
Everything seems to come back to the word, “WHY?
For example, the issue of vesting is definitely high on the list of Whys. The NFL says that in order to even qualify to apply for pension or disability benefits, those players who played BEFORE 1993 had to have played for at least 4 seasons while those who played AFTER 1993 ONLY have to have played for 3 seasons? (And simply qualifying was always just the first hurdle in a long and arduous process that still generally ended with most players turned down for other arbitrary reasons by an appointed Board of unqualified Directors.)
So here’s our starting list of WHY?s:

  • Why is it that ALL retired players and their families can sue the NFL for players’ image and video rights without any vesting rights or other arbitrary pre-qualifications?
  • Why can any retired player (or their families) who has been suffering from the long-term effects of concussions and brain injuries qualify to sue them in the concussion lawsuits?
  • Why is it that any other employee in America can request disability or Workers Compensation benefits if they get injured on the job even if it happens on the second day at work?
  • Perhaps all retired players need to ponder these questions to understand all the Why?s coming out of the NFL:
  • Why does the NFL – and its bought-off lawyers – want to force its dumb Settlement Offer so quickly down the retired players’ throats so quickly without even so much as any disclosure of how much revenue is actually involved from past, present and future sources?

Why indeed.
Think about this: If the retired players should win the NFL Films lawsuit and/or the concussion lawsuits:

  • The NFL’s books will finally be open for full scrutiny;
  • The NFL’s vesting rules will be questioned and very likely overturned as arbitrary and invalid;
  • Retired players and their suffering families who were turned down or disqualified in the past because they weren’t “vested” may well have all of their cases re-opened in the future with the possibility of retroactive benefits and even damages from this longstanding evil policy.

Make no bones about it; the current battle going on with NFL Films and concussions is merely the tip of the iceberg. Retired players can no longer stand by on the sidelines and do nothing. Everyone needs to stand together regardless of who you believe you’re aligned with to fight the real enemy in this long war. Opting Out of the NFL Films lawsuit is just one small but important step in a long journey that too many of you have been fighting alone for decades.
Jason Luckasevic has informed us that his firm has had to set a deadline of Noon Thursday EST to receive any and all requests for his firm to file your Opt Out paperwork on your behalf to be assured it’s filed before the court deadline of Friday, August 30th. Call Jason at 1(800) 471-3980. Whether you choose to use Jason or another law firm or file the paperwork on your own is completely YOUR choice. But choose to do something for yourselves and for your fellow retirees rather than doing nothing. There is a lot more at stake here than just your image rights and good name.
What other WHY?s can you think of? Post them in the Comments Section below.
We’ve added a countdown clock to the upper right sidebar of our Blog page so you can see how little time you have left. To OPT OUT of the NFL Films Settlement Offer, please refer to the 12-page overview that was originally sent to members of the Class (click HERE to read the document and your options).

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  1. Rick Hayes
    August 28th, 2013 at 10:13 pm #

    Rick Hayes

    There is power in numbers. Opt out NOW!!!

    Rick Hayes
    L.A. Rams 1974
    UW Huskies 1969-1973
    UW Huskies

  2. Doug Beaudoin
    August 29th, 2013 at 10:21 am #

    Doug Beaudoin

    Did I miss something? Concussion suit settled for $765 million and it’s going to pay for some medical exams and more research?

    I promise you – repeated blows to the head cause problems down the road. Wouldn’t it be cool if the pre-93ers just got a crumb now and then…

    Doug Beaudoin
    NFL: New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, San Diego Chargers
    1976 – 1982
    USFL: Tampa Bay Bandits
    1983 – 1986