NFL: Making Up Their Own Rules as They Go

Jun 26, 2013

Is it just us or do these people at the NFL (and the NFLPA) always live by a completely different set of rules that only apply to them? We’ve had every dirty trick in the book thrown at us with all kinds of veiled threats and inferences of wrongdoing for expressing the opinions of the many. And in each instance, we’ve been backed up by those who know better. And we’re still here thanks to the broad support of the retired player community out there.

One of the biggest issues has been what can we say and how can we say it? Personally, I’m not a named Plaintiff in the Dryer vs NFL Films litigation and I also Opted Out of the class a couple of weeks ago. So what we say here on our Blog simply represents our opinions as protected under our First Amendment Rights. But that hasn’t stopped the lawyers (and the NFL by proxy) from making attempts to hold us to a higher standard than even the courts would see as any clear violation of a court order. And apparently a much higher standard than any of them even expect to be held, REGARDLESS of the rule of law and court orders and rules.
Here’s one blatant example: We recently came across this interview with Jim Brown on the NFL Channel and posted on the NFL website talking about his recent conveniently-timed re-hiring as a “Special Advisor” with the Cleveland Browns (at what’s been reported as a decent 6-figure consulting fee). This publicly available interview was made available on May 31, 2013 AFTER the Settlement Offer was announced and filed with the Court. In the last 2 minutes of this interview, they ask Brown about the NFL Films Settlement and he goes into his speech about the Greater Good Fund. Oh – and we almost forgot: Mike Holmgren doesn’t give Jim Brown the respect he deserves!


Jim Brown on NFL Channel May 31 2013

Click on the image above and the 7-minute interview will open in a new tab. The interviewer introduces the NFL Films Settlement question at the 5:20 mark.
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  1. David Carter
    June 26th, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    David Carter

    Jim Brown may very well be the “Greatest” NFL player ever but he has been duped by Hausfeld and The League. This settlement is paltry and should be at least four to five times the monies offered by the NFL. A one-time payment of $42 million dollars to a “Common Good Fund” is laughable.

    Unfortunately for Jim and many of the other so-called board members of the CGF appear to have been conned by the only person to make out in the whole scenario… Michael Hausfeld.

    Once again the League is trying to divide-and-conquer players.

    David Carter
    Houston Oilers, New Orleans Saints
    1977 – 1985

  2. Steve Baack
    June 26th, 2013 at 7:55 pm #

    Steve Baack


    1. 1. Find a high profile ex-player(s) – preferably Hall of Famer(s);
    2. 2. Offer big money to endorse position benefiting the League while espousing ‘team’ philosophy, ex-player must CYA (his own, given miserable state of retirement & disability benefits);
    3. 3. Public laps up rhetoric effectively creating a PR win;
    4. 4. Public opinion effectively neutered, forcing 99.9% of us back to the huddle.

    Am I missing anything else here?

    Steve Baack
    Detroit Lions

  3. Lance Rentzel
    June 26th, 2013 at 7:58 pm #

    Lance Rentzel


    In my opinion, the NFL’s Proposed Settlement (hereafter referred to as the “Proposed Settlement”) can be summarized as follows:

    1. Under the Proposed Settlement, the retired players would give the teams — and anyone licensed to use NFL game films — the right to use your identity in any way desired without paying the players anything. These identity rights include:

    • Your name
    • Your nickname
    • Your likeness
    • Your image
    • Your photos
    • Your autograph
    • Your biographical information
    • Your voice

    2. The retired players will not receive any money or any other direct benefits from this Proposed Settlement.

    3. The only way to vote against the Proposed Settlement is to actually exercise the Opt-Out option.

    4. If you choose to Opt-Out now, you are only opting out of the Proposed Settlement, not the class-action lawsuit itself.

    5. If you don’t Opt-Out now, you’ll NEVER get another chance to do so.

    6. If you do not officially file your Opt Out paperwork at all, then your non-vote will be treated as if you voted for the Proposed Settlement and all of its terms and conditions — and you’ll never get another chance to opt-out.

    7. The stipulations in the Proposed Settlement involving the Common Good Fund and licensing money are irrelevant because they will not result in any money going to the retired players.

    Each retired player is going to have to make up his own mind about which way to vote. All I’m trying to do is make sure that everyone understands the issues involved — at least as I see them — so they can make an informed choice.

    Lance Rentzel
    Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys,
    LA Rams
    1965 – 1974

  4. Ron Pritchard
    June 27th, 2013 at 4:12 am #

    Ron Pritchard

    Now, boys – here’s an informed ex-warrior!

    Thanks, Lance!

    Ron Pritchard
    Houston Oilers, Cincinnati Bengals
    1969 – 1977

  5. Gregg Bingham
    June 29th, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

    Greg Bingham

    Gentlemen –

    I have numerous tenets (philosophies) on how I live my life and run my business affairs and one of them is

    “Never fight a man who buys his ink by the gallon.”

    Meaning the amount of ink you buy directly correlates to how much you can actually sway public opinion towards your way of thinking (aka get what you want) but to do all that, you have buy your ink by the gallon. That said, this NFL films issue is SO-OOO very important because from my seat it’s nothing more than a trial balloon sent up by the owners to test the power, strength and solidarity of what they’re facing. A muted show of strength on this “trial balloon” WILL NO DOUBT SEND OUT THE WRONG MESSAGE. So I urge all of you to send the link around to everyone on each of your personal email lists AGAIN in order to make everyone aware and – more importantly – to send a message implying that this issue WILL NOT BE EASILY WON in the court of public opinion.

    So how about it, gents… ONE MORE TIME AROUND TO YOUR EMAIL LIST with this in the e-mail header:

    get out the vote NOW

    And be sure to Opt Out before the deadline of August 30th 2013. If you would rather have an attorney represent you and make sure it’s filed correctly, contact my attorney Jason Luckasevic at 1(800) 471-3980.

    Gregg Bingham
    Houston Oilers
    1973 – 1984

  6. Ron Pritchard
    June 29th, 2013 at 6:11 pm #

    Ron Pritchard

    I’m not sure how a poll is interpreted but I think it goes something like this: For every one vote (for or against what’s polled), that represents X amount of voters who feel the same way yet did not vote. Let’s say if one vote represents 10 of those people, then 500 votes would be a representation of an agreeing group of 5,000 on that particular subject.

    There are 20,000 ex-warriors from the NFL still living out there somewhere. We need to have more “NO” votes to send a solid message to the NFL and the judge in this case that reflects our rejection of this horrible settlement that some are trying to jam down our throats. We have over 500 “NO” votes right now that this is a bad deal for 99% of the old vets. That would put us at (by my reasoning) 5,000 ex-players agreeing this is a horrific settlement as it stands. So bros – Gregg is right and I’ve just done what he asked all of us to do! I sent the e-mail to all my friends who played in the league and I urged them all to opt-out!

    I think we need at least another 1,000 new voters to say “NO” to this deal.

    Get off your backsides and vote – up or down – but VOTE!

    Ron Pritchard
    Houston Oilers, Cincinnati Bengals
    1969 – 1977

  7. RobertinSeattle
    June 29th, 2013 at 10:53 pm #


    Gregg and Ron –

    Thanks for helping to get the word out to everyone. And Ron – you’re right about the percentages. If we can get at least 1,000 retired players to vote as well as Opt Out, I’d think it would be a clear message to the court that this deal sucks. Especially when you take some other key factors into account.

    For example, we’re waiting to find out just how many retired players have actually received the notification out of the 8 – 10,000 retired players who are supposed to be out there. If they only sent this out to 2,000 or fewer players, that would be a very important point, especially if at least 1,000 or more officially Opt Out of the Settlement offer. And keep in mind that all employees of the NFL – announcers, trainers, coaches, etc. – are generally expected to NOT sue the League or even speak out against them. Just remember how happily George Martin went through $5 million from the NFL in two years while running the Alumni and telling people there were better ways to resolve things than lawsuits. I don’t think his chair had even cooled off before he filed his concussion lawsuit. So that’s another group which shouldn’t be considered as a real part of the class insomuch as their participation is limited.

    Something else to point out with this poll: While we’ve managed to put a lot of security measures to prevent duplicate voting and cheating, we can actually monitor and see the names of players who have registered to vote. A couple of them were clearly jokes and will be removed from the final tally. Considering the overwhelming results already, they really won’t matter. But if those dumbass votes are removed, the vote would be 99-to-1 percent against the deal.

    For the lawyers who came out accusing those of you who were objecting from the very beginning: Who’s the vocal but tiny minority now?

    As Ron and Gregg have asked, please send the link to the poll to every retired player you know who has an e-mail address. And if possible, print out extra copies of the Opt Out form that you can access by clicking our VOTE NOW! button in the upper right corner of this Blog. Hand them out to as many of your retired friends as possible as we’re sure many of the older players may not be online at all. Let’s get the word out any way we can.

    Publisher, Editor
    Dave Pear’s Blog