Riddell Takes Another Shot to the Helmet

Apr 15, 2013

football-tackle-sports-injuryWith all the chest-thumping going on out there, many of you may not know that my attorney, Jason Luckasevic, from Goldberg Persky & White was not only the first attorney to file a concussion lawsuit on behalf of retired NFL football players after several years of research and lobbying with his senior partners (all you need to do is check the dates on the suits that have been filed) but his litigation also included helmet manufacturer Riddell from the outset. Over the years, we’ve written about Riddell’s ongoing paid sponsorship to the NFL as “The Official Helmet of the NFL.” While their sponsorship was worth millions in revenue to the League, the illusion of helmet safety helped Riddell to dominate the helmet market in amateur sports from Pee Wee through high school and on to college football. You’ll also recall that Riddell has been in a court battle with their insurance carriers who have been quickly jumping ship in an effort to avoid the ensuing megamillion dollar settlements sure to follow a successful round of liability lawsuits. Wonder who’s going to have to pay this one? (Click HERE to read that earlier post.)
We have news from last week of an $11.5 million award out of Colorado in a suit initiated by the family of a young man brain damaged and partially paralyzed in a high school football game. Riddell was held responsible for $3.1 million of that award.
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April 14, 2013, 11:08 PM

Colo. court finds Riddell negligent in helmet suit

DENVER A Colorado jury in a lawsuit brought by the family of a severely injured high school football player has found that helmet maker Riddell was negligent in failing to warn players about concussion dangers.
Saturday’s ruling comes as the company faces a similar lawsuit in Los Angeles, plus a complaint by thousands of former NFL players against the league and Riddell.
Click HERE to read the rest of the article on CBS News.
Want to learn more about how and why Riddell is being held accountable as part of the NFL’s coverup on player safetly over the years? And where was the Union all those years as its members were being “protected” by paying sponsors? Our 2013 IFV Conference Concussion Lawsuit Panels will be discussing these issues and many more! You don’t want to miss it! Make your reservations today so you can get the best airfare and room rates before the discounts expire this Tuesday - click HERE!

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  1. Randy Rich
    April 16th, 2013 at 7:13 am #

    Randy Rich

    Is it too late to join the concussion lawsuits?

    Randy Rich
    1977 – 1979
    Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns

  2. Dave Pear
    April 17th, 2013 at 8:11 pm #

    Dave at Home

    Randy –

    Everyone needs to understand that this is a mass action lawsuit and NOT a class action lawsuit. In other words, each individual player (or his family) needs to file his own lawsuit in order to be part of it and no one else will be included as they do in class actions. If you DON’T do this for yourself, do it for your family. But do it now before it’s too late. There may be a Statute of Limitation for filing.

    The deadline may be closing but I highly suggest you contact my lawyer, Jason Luckasevic at Goldberg Persky & White with any questions you may have. Call his offices at (800) 471-3980. In my humble opinion, I have found him to be one of the most honest and ethical attorneys I ever dealt with and highly recommend him personally. And he’s the lawyer who filed the original lawsuits AND included Riddell as part of the suit.

    Dave Pear