Pittsburgh in September

Sep 21, 2012

We were truly honored to have been invited to the first private screening of Sean Pamphilon’s United States of Football this past Tuesday. The movie was well-attended with family and friends, media and many of the people who were included in this film. We would ruin the full movie experience by telling you too much about it. But we think it will certainly go a long way to further the conversation on concussions and brain injuries in our society. The cast of characters in this movie is huge: From current to retired players, along with spouses, widows and children, as well as many of the people who are all part of this growing story. We think it will make a lot of people think and hopefully take this discussion to new places.

The pre-show reception at the theater allowed a lot of people to meet each other and the post-preview party allowed everyone to meet-and-greet to exchange thoughts and ideas once people had a chance to absorb Sean’s message. I don’t think there was anyone who wasn’t touched by this very important piece of work. Sean is back in Seattle quickly doing his final edits and getting it ready to submit his entry into the Sundance Film Festival. We wish him all the success he deserves for his passionate labor of love.
And while we were in Pittsburgh, we took some time to visit with my attorney, Jason Luckasevic, at his office to catch up on some of the latest news on the concussion lawsuit. It was also an opportunity to actually meet many of his partners and staff where they work every day. After spending several hours in their unpretentious 3-storey office building – a beautifully restored garment factory with exposed wood beams and brick walls – I came away even more impressed than ever that I had chosen a truly good lawyer with a great law firm behind him. All of his partners and their entire staff were warm and engaging in an unpretentious yet professional environment. Jason truly earned my trust even more as we finally found the time to get better acquainted. If you haven’t chosen an attorney to represent you in your concussion suit, I personally recommend Jason and his firm, Goldberg, Persky & White.
So here’s an early trailer just released for United States of Football (with appearances by James Harrison and Sean Morey):

Then GQ’s Michael J. Mooney just wrote a backgrounder on Sean and his adventures starting with Bountygate:

The Man in the Middle of Bountygate

To this point, Bountygate has been long on headlines and short on specifics. Who did what exactly? Is there any proof of actual wrongdoing? Does it really matter anyway? Michael J. Mooney spent a week with the man who amplified the controversy, during which he delivered new evidence to the NFL: a never-before-seen video that speaks volumes about the culture of football and what, ultimately, is at stake

September 20, 2012
Read the rest of the story over on GQ: Click HERE.


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  1. Maxie Opossovitch
    September 21st, 2012 at 7:22 am #

    Neither this abuse nor any other sort of abuse will stop as long as the wicked state claims to own us. What do I mean “baby”? I mean we’re living smack in modern-day Babylon. Our births are “registered,” as is virtually everything else we do. “Rex, regis” is Latin for King and of the King. The bogus legal system is responsible for negating Goodell’s punishment. The 3-man appeals panel acted under “Color of Law.” They had no more right to rule on Goodell’s decision than three monkeys.

    This wickedness calls for a class-action suit against the owners of the NFL.

    Maxie Opossovitch