IFV-TV: Panel Discussion on the Culture of Football

Jul 31, 2012

This is a Must-See program! Retired NFL player, Conrad Dobler is joined by documentary filmmaker, Sean Pamphilon, (Run Ricky Run) and journalist Patrick Hruby (ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Washington Times) for a riveting discussion on the culture of football. Sean was going into his second week of fielding media calls after releasing his 12-minute BountyGate audio following Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handing down penalties to those involved from the New Orleans Saints. Conrad talks about some of his personal experiences with fighting the NFL and NFLPA for his disability benefits. Patrick talks about how his journalistic endeavors have led him to a different perspective on football and concussions. As presented at our Second Annual Independent Football Veterans Conference at the South Point Resort in Las Vegas April 20 – 22, 2012.
All of our footage was recorded in High Definition (Thanks to Jennifer Thibeaux!) and you can enjoy each broadcast at it best by selecting HD quality by clicking on the setup icon (that Gear button) in the lower right of the video screen and then clicking on the Full Screen View button in the bottom right corner of each video.

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can read Patrick Hruby’s recently published article on high school football player, Austin Trenum, who committed suicide unexpectedly at home one night after suffering a concussion a few days earlier. Patrick refers to working on this story early during this discussion. Click HERE to read that article in Washingtonian Magazine.

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  1. TD
    August 2nd, 2012 at 8:14 am #

    TD McGann


    Thanks for the informative presentation on the downplaying of concussions by the media. There are three other issues that you are likely aware of that are just as appalling — all involving media collusion.

    The first, is the cover-up of Penn State scandal; the second, the cover-up of the bogus Freeh Report; the third, the abrogation of absolute authority by Mark Emmert; and a fourth: The “Gay Agenda” in sports, as well as everywhere else, in which your own ESPN is a major player.
    Should you want to delve into this matter, I’d like to suggest that you peruse a shocking story appearing in your Washington Times newspaper that broke in 1989, I think. It is about the Franklin Cover-up, revealing the Nebraska Boys Town connection to the powerful elites in DC.

    On my website you can find two articles pertaining to the PSU travesty.

    Best wishes to you. When God’s watching over your shoulder, you have nothing to fear!

    TD McGann