George Martin “Resigns” from NFL Alumni

May 5, 2012

Someone once said not long ago that George Martin’s ascension to the Executive Directorship of the NFL Alumni was the perfect example of the American Dream. In reality, honesty and integrity will always get you where you need to go in following the real American Dream. The old adage, “The people you pass on the way up the ladder will be the same people you run into on the way down” should hold true here.
We also want to ask Commissioner Goodell if he plans to hold George Martin and Ron George to the same high standard of full accountability that he imposed on the New Orleans Saints players during his bounty investigation? In the real game of life, there is no room for double standards, Mr. Commissioner. But in real life, it’s not going to be game suspensions. People’s lives have been totally disrupted or even destroyed as a consequence of George Martin’s actions – or inactions. Spending money like a drunken sailor – particularly when it’s not yours to spend – is a recipe for disaster. We wonder if brain damage is now going to be the excuse?
Here’s the story from A.J. Perez FOX Sports:

Ex-Giant Martin resigns as NFLAA boss

George Martin, the embattled leader of the National Football League Alumni Association, has resigned from his position as president and executive director of the organization, learned Saturday.
Martin, a former New York Giants great, had been under increased pressure since a investigation in January revealed widespread financial mismanagement of the NFLAA.
NFLAA board member David Carter confirmed Martin’s departure when reached at the organization’s convention in Chandler, Ariz.


Messages left for Martin were not returned; his company cell phone had been disconnected.
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  1. Henrietta Watson
    May 5th, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

    Sid Watson

    It is time for all involved to stop giving reasons why injured players should not be cared for and stop thinking up reasons for why they shouldn’t.

    All the greedy overpaid players today need to stop and assume moral outrage at the treatment these suffering guys are receiving.

    Remember: What goes around, comes around.

    Henrietta Watson
    widow Sid Watson (1932 – 2004)
    Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins
    1955 – 1958

  2. Dalva Allen
    May 6th, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    Dalva Allen

    There is so much corruption and fraud going on now in the NFL who knows what to believe.

    I’m 77 years old and I’m confused. I can’t even remember if I am on a concussion suit or not.

    It doesn’t make much difference; there were no records kept back when I played. The doctor had the 2-finger test!

    Dalva Allen
    Six credited seasons
    Houston Oilers, Oakland Raiders
    1960 – 1965

  3. George Visger
    May 7th, 2012 at 12:07 am #

    George Visger

    Hey George,

    Hope you’re enjoying your new retirement and glad to hear you were able to put aside a “nest egg” to get by on. I’m sure none of the rest of us “retired” players needed any of it. Especially those of us “retired” players who have suffered through 12 NFL-caused surgeries and multiple NFL-caused gran mal seizures, yet are not vested and thus don’t qualify for any of the money you pocketed anyway.

    Enjoy your retirement. And if you see De Smith, please tell him I’m still waiting for his reply to a couple of my prior postings.

    My interview on Junior Seau – click HERE.

    With much respect
    George Visger
    SF 49ers 80 & 81
    Survivor of 9 NFL-Caused Emergency VP Shunt Brain Surgeries
    Benefactor of ZERO NFL Benefits