Bruce Jarvis: NFL Negotiation Act

Feb 17, 2011

An earlier e-mail from Bruce Jarvis sent directly to NFLPA Executive Director, DeMaurice Smith:


Mr. Smith,


The airwaves as well as the local NFLPA Retired Players rep are communicating an interesting scenario regarding the tactics used by NFL owners in your CBA negotiations:


The presumption here is that in your legal representation, you have seen this act before in its various forms. You represent the defendant being threatened by the assistant U.S. Attorney who promises to lock your client up for several lifetimes. Later his boss, the voice of reason, intervenes smoothly to suggest that there might be a way that your client will be released in time to see his newborn graduate from college.


In the recent CBA session, Mr. Richardson plays a splendid “bad cop” and the other more sympathetic owners in their roles as the cumulative “good cops” assure Peyton Manning that Richardson is the wayward one and that it won’t happen again. Please let young Mr. Manning know this is simply a staged act that these guys have perfected as they have built their fortunes. They can do it in their sleep.


The danger comes with the next act in the play. The one where the sympathetic owners who pulled Mr. Richardson off from his attack “prevent” him from attending the next session at the bargaining table. These gentlemen will be the sly ones. Their prey has been softened up for the kill.


As I did before, I wish you good luck and I remind you of the key question for all pre-1993 retired players: Why should the players who took the physical risks to build the league NOT receive retirement benefits SUBSTANTIALLY GREATER than baseball or basketball?


J. Bruce Jarvis

Buffalo Bills







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  1. RobertinSeattle
    February 17th, 2011 at 12:34 am #

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Similar sage words from Terence Moore over at FanHouse: Take It From Marvin Miller: NFL Owners, Players in Troubleclick HERE to read that post.

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  3. Jennifer Thibeaux
    February 18th, 2011 at 7:17 am #

    Jennifer drJ Thibeaux

    Dear Dave Pear and Mr. Jarvis,

    I am Jennifer Thibeaux and have been an advocate of professional athlete success on and off the field for many years. In recent years, I have focused on career transitions out of the League. Hearing the sentiments of retiring players, I have decided to take action!

    I plan to document the travesty that is the NFL Negotiations from the player perspective as I do not see the player’s perspective in the mainstream. I would LOVE to get your group’s sentiments on film. The film, “Calling an Audible” is designed to break the silence of allowing the owners and administration to do what they want. Players have power, and it’s time it gets communicated. Your rights are important and have been for quite some time. It’s time the world and the owners hear your message.

    I intend to enter the documentary into the film festival circuit this Spring/Summer to gain the attention necessary to affect change. I’m committed to seeing this through to the end. If you’re interested, please send me an e-mail and we’ll go from there.

    Lastly, thank you for being a voice about pro athlete rights. I find there are not enough of us …so we tend to have to speak a little louder! Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards,
    Jennifer “drJ” Thibeaux

  4. Rick Sanford
    February 18th, 2011 at 9:01 am #

    Rick Sanford NE Patriots

    Thank you, Miss Thibeaux. We are very appreciative of your intentions. Please get our story out, starting with how our own union has failed us. Please mention that this may be the final chance for some of the older players to finally get what is long overdue. Our former Union leader getting $16 million to his estate is a travesty. Please let our true story be known.

    Thank you for your committed efforts.

    Rick Sanford
    New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks (’85)
    1979 – 1985

  5. Jackie Burkett
    February 18th, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    Jackie Burkett

    Even though we might deserve more than baseball or basketball, I believe most pre-’93 retirees would be more than happy with any meaningful increase in benefits – retirement & disability. After all, nothing has been done for almost 30 years!

    Jackie Burkett
    Baltimore Colts, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys
    1961 – 1970

  6. Ron Pritchard
    February 18th, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    Ron Pritchard

    Thank you, Bruce, for your comments to De Smith.

    It’s my thinking that we must keep hammering the message in the public arena on the injustice of the NFL owners toward the retired players. Perception of something is generally taken as truth. The NFL spins the truth and creates a false perception to the general public. Why? Because they can! What a egocentic group of owners of the greatest game in the world! And not one of them personally knows about the mental and physical damage that the retired and current players have endured and are still going through to make this $9 billion dollar business what it is today! What a damn shame!

    Ron Pritchard
    Houston Oilers, Cincinnati Bengals
    1969 – 1977

  7. Steve Foley
    February 20th, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

    Steve Foley

    Dear Jennifer Thibeaux,

    Thank you for considering a documentary on the NFL players. It is long overdue and the public in no way has any knowledge of the brutal impact that the game has left on its participants. Please consider using a different title to your documentary like “The Silence of the Lions” which is closer to what has happened, instead of “Calling and Audible” which seems too tame for what has really taken place.

    Each man that played in the NFL was a LION of a person who has basically been asked by the NFL to limp off into the wilderness after his usefulness has run its course, and lick his wounds and be tough and silent.

    If you really show what has happened to a lot of the players, it will be a shocking and brutal documentary, demanding an explanation. Thank you for taking on the challenge. God Bless.

    Steve Foley
    Denver Broncos
    1976 – 1986