NFLPA Enters Arbitration for Burt Grossman

Apr 22, 2010

Read into it what you will but we don’t recall too many times when the NFLPA has stepped into an arbitration hearing for a retired player in the past. What we really have a problem understanding is why the NFL insists on asking for arbitration anyway. Wouldn’t it have been easier – and a whole lot smarter – just to have paid these guys their Severance Pay in the first place? (Click on the images to enlarge for easier reading.)



And here’s the section the NFLPA letter refers to in the current CBA:




We also happen to believe that Burt will ultimately prove he never received any of his Severance Pay. Meanwhile the Eagles claim through his W-2 that at the very least they paid the IRS their cut in 1998. That W-2 is either real or false. If it’s false, then it would be a fraudulent claim to the IRS. While we’re not lawyers or accountants, common sense tells us that if it’s the real W-2 and Burt did NOT receive the net amount of his Severance after taxes, then that $11,200 paid to the IRS would then represent the Gross amount paid by the NFL/Chargers towards Burt’s Severance Pay. Which then means Burt should be able go after the IRS to return his 80% portion of that gross amount paid. Either way, the IRS should now demand an audit of the Chargers and the NFL to see just how much Severance Pay has been claimed and actually paid to retired players. Maybe we could have a closer look at how the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Fund is run as well? Now THAT’S an audit we ‘d all like to see.



We don’t care if you’re a billionaire NFL team owner or a working stiff sitting on the couch watching your Monday Night Football. There are three letters that strike fear in the hearts of all: I-R-S! So what do you say, Commissioner? Do you want to provide that real audit the players and the Union have been asking for or do you want to wait a little longer and have an IRS audit instead?


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  2. Dave Pear
    April 22nd, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    Dave Pear Superbowl Ring
    The NFL’s disability plan violates ERISA Law and is virtually impossible for disabled players and their families to access.

    Then Gene Upshaw and Harold Henderson sign a backroom side deal disallowing retroactive benefits for retired disabled players in the spring in 2008.

    Is that legal? Ethically and morally, we know it’s wrong!

    And if a disabled player is somehow able to access his benefits then the vast majority (my guess is at least 75%) receive the lowest level (football inactive) instead of (football degenerative T&P).

    The NFL claims that these serious injuries were not from football.

    It seems the NFL will stoop to any level as they continue to fabricate trouble for retired players.

    The NFL disability plan isn’t even a disability plan because the disabled player receives a 1099-R and must pay taxes! However, disability benefits are NOT supposed to be taxable! (Except in the NFL apparently.)

    This list of dirty dealings being perpetrated by the NFL , NFLPA and the Retirement Board includes:

    1) Disability Benefits;
    2) Pensions;
    3) Medical after football;
    4) Severance pay;
    5) Breach of fiduciary duty with GLA agreements;
    6) NFL Films lawsuit;
    7) Concussions & head injuries. NFL quack Dr. “NO” Ira Casson claiming
    there is no scientific evidence that repeated blows to the head cause
    brain damage and early onset dementia. This is outrageous.

    What’s next?

    Is there anything that’s actually on the up-and-up in the NFL when it comes to their dealings with retired players?

    Rep. Maxine Waters said it best in Washington DC in November of 2009 during the Congressional investigation into the NFL when she scolded Roger Goodell and said, “It’s time to remove the antitrust exemption.”

    We’d certainly agree with her!

    Yours Truly,
    Dave & Heidi Pear

  3. Burt Grossman
    May 6th, 2010 at 9:09 am #

    Burt Book Cover
    Here’s the link and form for requesting a transcript of previous returns from the IRS:

    Burt Grossman
    San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles
    1989 -1994