60 Minutes: Study Links Concussions To Brain Disease

Oct 11, 2009

60 MinutesWell, I got reminded a little too late tonight that CBS’ 60 Minutes ran Bob Simon’s episode on brain concussions and brain disease tonight and I missed it (like a lot of you out there, I suspect!).


Fortunately, the good folks over at CBS have been progressive enough to load the entire episode online already. You can read the article by clicking HERE and you can view the clips below (you can enlarge the clip to Full Screen Mode by using the expand button in the lower right corner of each clip screen):



A Blow to the Brain


What Parents Need to Know


“That’s Football”

This clip of Kyle Turley was taped outside the meeting hall of this past spring’s Summit in Las Vegas at the South Point Resort. (EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve been informed that this clip was NOT included in the original broadcast.)



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  1. Dave Pear
    October 14th, 2009 at 7:41 am #

    Dave Pear
    To Roger Goodell & DeMaurice Smith –

    Is Dr. Andrew Tucker MD (orthopedic surgeon) qualified to speak on concussions and brain injuries? His answers seemed as though he was reading a script and he seemed very nervous on this 60 Minutes program.

    Isn’t Dr. Andrew an employee of the NFL?

    Why would any prudent person seek medical treatment from a dentist for a spinal injury?

    As a retired NFL player, I see a pattern here for disabled players seeking access to their disability benefits. The NFL also uses their own selected orthopedic doctors to determine neck, back, knee, hip, etc. injuries when determining disability qualifications. The retired player is responsible for paying for his own examination as well as providing his own transportation to the doctor’s office; then the doctor (as in my case) uses the word “sedentary” as the type of work I was able to perform with no other explanation. The vocational factor by a qualified vocational specialist was – and still is – totally missing. It seems to me that an examining doctor is completely unqualified to make employment decisions because it’s beyond his expertise. Please explain why this has been allowed to continue? Gene Upshaw and his old tricks have already left the building and it should be a new day.

    I wonder how many other disabled NFL players were also told they could perform “sedentary” work with no explanation? Or was I the only one?

    These notorious deeds seem to be contrary to the NFL’s own Plan Document.

    Section 8.8 of the Bert Bell/ Rozelle NFL Player Retirement Plan next to Duty of Care reads: “The Retirement Board and the Disability Initial Claims Committee will discharge their duties with respect to the Plan and Trust solely and exclusively in the interest of the Player and their beneficiaries…“. In my humble opinion, this has never been the case. Please explain how this isn’t a breach of fiduciary duty?

    If the NFLPA Leadership was convicted in a Federal Court of violating their fiduciary duty towards retired players in the Players Inc. trial, surely they’re doing the same with our disability benefits.

    In conclusion, Dr. Tucker spoke about the NFL’s own research and studies on concussions and head injuries. Would you please send us a copy of just one of these studies so we can post it up for everyone to read?

    Dave & Heidi Pear

  2. John Hogan
    October 14th, 2009 at 9:42 am #

    John Hogan Disability Attorney

    When the Department of Labor updated ERISA laws in 2000, they changed the law so that someone seeking benefits does not have to pay for their own exams any more – like you and many others did. I wonder how many guys in the past didn’t even go to the exams because they couldn’t afford them?

    Just like you paved the way for today’s players to have much better pay, you are paving the way for them to have better benefits with regard to their health and disability. Surely today’s players will have an easier time proving disability due to concussions. How do we achieve justice for you and those of your generation?

    John Hogan
    Disability Attorney