It’s here! The 2008 NFLPA LM-2!

Jun 5, 2009

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Getting our hands on the NFLPA’s 2007 LM-2 financial report to the US Dept. of Labor was as close as we can get to a forensic audit of how the Union spent (or misspent) everyone’s money (read that post from last February about 2007’s LM-2 HERE). And once again, it took a while to find it and even longer to download (crashed my browser a few times) and save as a PDF file (crashed a couple of times again!). But now we have all 810 pages of this file and it was around 5 Meg of data. Then we also had to break it up into smaller sections so the special document viewer wouldn’t choke on it. So at last, here it is!

Some interesting things we noticed on first glance:

It was signed by NFLPA President Kevin Mawae and new Executive Director DeMaurice Smith on May 28th, 2009 (like last year). But DeMaurice Smith wasn’t the head honcho in 2008. It was Gene Upshaw until August 2008 and then General Counsel Richard Berthelsen was acting Executive Director until a permanent replacement was put in place this year. Does that make DeMaurice Smith fiscally responsible for what happened last year BEFORE his watch?

You may remember the Jeff Nixon post about Drew Brees and the ensuing comments from retired players about his callous attitude towards them (read that HERE). Guess what? On Page 14 under the section All Officers and Disbursements to Officers, Brees was paid a total of $434,847 as Vice President of the NFLPA (page 14). While we haven’t yet looked into the details of what all that money was for, he was definitely better paid than former President Troy Vincent who only received $24,841 (before he was kicked out by Gene Upshaw for bringing up the idea of a successor) and current President Kevin Mawae, who received a paltry $27,442. Now we understand! Perhaps THAT’S why they call Drew Brees VICE President! All the other Vice Presidents received around $20 – $25,000 apiece last year (?).

And 2008 Executive Director Gene Upshaw received $1,256,281 while Richard Berthelsen got $1,013,351 last year. But wait! There’s more! Andre Collins, Director of Retired Players, received a total of $155,957 (page 18) while Director of Human Resources, Mary Moran, (daughter of snitch Congressman Jim Moran) made even more salary at $207,335 (page 26)!

We’re going to spend a week or two collectively looking over this piece of documentation and we’ll probably be posting a lot more observations as we find them. In the meantime, if any of our readers find any interesting gems and tidbits, please feel free to add your comments or send them to us so we can include them in a future post.

HOW TO USE DOCSTOC: You can enlarge the viewing window simply by clicking the FULL SCREEN button in the upper right corner of the navigation menu bar at the top. You can also download each section by clicking on the DocStoc button to go to their site where you’ll have a download option. And, of course, you can search for names or items simply by typing it into the search bar in the upper left corner of the menu bar and then clicking GO.

Part 1 – Sections 1 – 17Pages 1 – 94:

Part 2 – Section 18 Part 1 Pages 95 – 345:

Part 3 – Section 18 Part 2 Pages 346 – 594:

Part 4 – Section 18 Part 3 & Sections 19 -20 Pages 595 – 810:

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  1. Dave Pear
    June 6th, 2009 at 9:55 am #

    Dave Pear
    DeMaurice Smith owns the books of the corrupt NFLPA Leadership for 2008? He signed it!

    Drew Brees was paid $434,847.00 in 2008 from the NFLPA!! This does not include his football contract as an active player. What IS going on over there at the NFLPA offices in Washington DC (besides a fire in Mr. Smith’s bathroom)?

    Andre Collins is not qualified to be the NFLPA Director of Retired Players! Like Gene Upshaw, he doesn’t understand the law. Andre, please allow me to give you some unsolicited advice: Resign immediately! And refund your salary of $155,957.00 you were paid in 2008.

    Schedule 13: Retired members do not have voting rights because they are not and cannot be members of the collective bargaining unit as certified by the NLRB. Andre, please write this 10 times on the chalk board and then meditate on it so it does not go in one ear and out the other.

    Mary Moran is paid $207,335.00 …for what?!! This is an increase over her 2007 salary.

    Richard Berthelsen was paid $1,013,351. Does this include, “Negotiating and drafting player (GLA) group licensing agreements and special event contracts? (As stated on his Sports Lawyer Assoc. Resume under NFLPA work experience Section F.)

    The NFLPA Leadership is certainly living up to the language in the courts that jurors found them to be guilty of and included such phrases as “malicious and oppressive conduct with evil motive,” and “conduct that was outrageous and grossly fraudulent!!!”

    Nothing has changed and it’s business as usual. The only difference is there are some new faces that have joined this bunch of rascals and now it is ALL happening under your watch, Mr. Smith.

    The NFLPA was found guilty of Breaching their fiduciary responsibility in Federal court to retired players.

    The retired players are RIGHT and our crooked and grossly fraudulent union are WRONG!!!!!

    This dark cloud hanging over the NFLPA will only become darker until justice is served. We will not accept any more PR stunts that are designed to mislead Congress.

    We will press on for a GAO (Government Accountability Office) audit that will make the fraud transparent that is pervasive throughout YOUR NFLPA Leadership.

    Dave & Heidi Pear

  2. New 2008 NFLPA LM-2 Released! | Independent Retired Football Players Summit
    June 6th, 2009 at 10:23 am #

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  3. Irv Cross
    June 6th, 2009 at 9:37 pm #

    Irv Cross card

    How could D. Smith be authorized to sign the 2008 LM-2 when he was not even an officer of the NFLPA at the time? In my mind, it opens a lot of questions about the selection process for the Ex. Dir…

    Thanks for the LM-2, we all have a lot of heavy reading before us. As you read the LM-2 keep in mind the six gosls and objectives established in Las Vegas:
    1. Unified Retirement Organization,
    2. Pension Reform,
    3. Disability Reform
    4. Dire need assistance TODAY!!
    5. GAO audit of NFLPA
    6. Recovering, retaining & managing our licensing rights.

    Keep focused on these goals as you read the LM-2. I thought it would help to remind everyone where we are headed. STAY FOCUSED!

    Dave and Mr. Lee, thanks.

    Irv Cross

  4. Nate Jacquet
    June 7th, 2009 at 11:42 am #

    Nate Jacquet
    Mr. Pear

    I’ve been following your e-mails and blogs for quite sometime. I’m only speaking for myself. My situation and living situation vs status is quite different. I’ve lived in an apartment all my life except when I had a house. Which brings to mind extortion charges and conflict-of-interest between the New York laws and California as well as other states. How about new inventions, as in football equipment? These will be some of my arguments including disability fraud to extort personal property, and my own money earned. That’s how I lost my first house. My credit and personal financial affairs were affected by NFL and NFL-related business. My time for $$ WEALTH $$ is coming soon!

    Nate Jacquet