A Tale of Two Cities

Mar 13, 2009


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Many of you now know that we’re having our Independent Retired Players Summit in Las Vegas on May 29th – 31st and that the NFLPA Retired Players Steering Committee is having their annual meeting the same week on May 27th – 31st.

Those guys still think that all Retired Players are rich. Have you seen the cost of attending their meeting?

  • $179/night for hotel room, plus tax
  • $150 Registration Fee for You
  • $250 Registration for your Guest
  • And who knows how much to play in their golf tournament.

And of course, food costs a “Pretty Penny” in Palm Springs.

At those prices the cost for you to attend:

  • $716 for your room
  • $150 for you to Register
  • $250 for your Guest
  • Golf, Food and Airfare to Palm Springs aren’t included here

That totals out at $1,116.00 (plus tax)
(most of us don’t come close to getting that much in our pension checks)

That’s exactly how Gene and the Steering Committee always managed to keep it too expensive for the average Retired Payer to attend their own “Retired Players Convention.”

Now let’s look at the cost of attending your Independent Retired Players Summit in Las Vegas:

  • $55/night for you room at the South Pointe Resort
  • $0 for your Registration
  • $0 for your Guest (even your mother-in law included if you want to bring her!)
  • $0 for Golf (because we don’t have time for play at our Summit)
  • Some of the greatest food on earth at the most affordable prices imaginable.
  • Flying to Vegas is pretty darn cheap too – under $200 from most major cities right now.

That totals out at around $165 (plus tax of course)

We plan on really accomplishing a lot at our Summit. They’ll be doing the same old nothing that they’ve been doing for years. I’m not being mean – just honest.

A lot of new men are registering every day in support of our Independent Summit.

If you haven’t done so already please click on the Join the Summit tab at the top of this blog and register now. It will only take about 60 seconds.

Bob Grant,
Independent Retired Players Advocate

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  1. Henry Lawrence
    March 18th, 2009 at 8:11 am #

    Henry Lawrence
    Can’t wait!

    Henry Lawrence
    Oakland Raiders

  2. Dave Pear
    March 18th, 2009 at 8:42 am #

    Dave Pear
    The NFLPA Leadership along with their contentious, cocksure and GREEDY attitude continues to remain the same.

    However, a GAO (Government Accountability Office) audit will expose the fraud and conflicts of interest that are pervasive throughout their exclusive social club.

    These plague ridden impostors continue to Breach their Fiduciary Duty toward the players before them who made them wealthy.

    We will continue to with zeal to petition for justice until we are vindicated!

    Dave & Heidi Pear