What We Know So Far (HINT: Nothing)

Feb 19, 2009

Three Stooges Football

It’s been all over the media this past week that the candidate list for NFLPA Executive Director  has been narrowed down to three choices: Troy Vincent, Trace Armstrong and DeMaurice Smith. Other than the fluffy short bios that nothing more than standard NFLPA Press Releases, what do the majority of the players really know about these finalists? So far, all most people really know about these three finalists is that Troy Vincent had managed to fall out of favor with Gene Upshaw by bringing up the idea of a succession plan to replace Upshaw. Then there was the recent drama of NFLPA Director of Human Resources Mary Moran calling her Daddy Congressman Jim Moran to “investigate” Vincent’s alleged communications with several other Congressmen about the convoluted process of selecting a new Executive Director. Apparently, a lot of well-paid Upshaw insiders are really worried about keeping their cushy jobs so the choice is going to be very important for them (but shouldn’t be any of their business). But other than the drama and internal office politics, there’s little else that seems to have been made public about the process and the candidates themselves.

Considering the recent Presidential election in which the candidates were vetted in minute detail on a daily basis by everyone in the general media as well as online, the lack of information and transparency should make anyone leery of the entire process. What do we really know about any of these three candidates? Are any of them successful businessmen? Have any of them actually worked for any length of time in the private sector? What does each of them understand about the law, particularly as it pertains to labor, unions as well as benefits and retirement plans? Has any term limit been set for this position or will it be another lifetime appointment – er, election. What are their positions on retired players and representation? And most important of all: Why are they running for Executive Director? There have been no public forums, debates or speeches. If each candidate at least wrote a summary of who they are and what their plans are for the NFLPA and all of its members, we would at least know that they passed English 101 in college. We don’t even know that much at this late stage.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. Joe Tabor
    February 20th, 2009 at 8:16 am #

    Joe Tabor
    As I read the labyrinth of tangled arrangements and transgressions between the NFL, NFLPA and the retired players, I would think that one solution to a large part of the problem would be for the retired players to collectively petition Congress for the appointment of an Ombudsman with both retroactive and, of course, proactive powers to move the entire issue beyond the state of obtruse bickering and negative non-action.

    Joe Tabor
    University of Washington Huskies 1972 – 1973

    University of Washington Huskies