Sam Huff is Mad as Hell

Feb 13, 2009

Sam Huff


I have stood on the sidelines long enough to see how corrupt the NFLPA is to the players that gave this game the foundation that carries forth so that today the generation of active players can make millions of dollars.

It is hard to believe what the NFLPA has done. In the past and in the future we have just gone through a change in our government and elected a new president. We need to change and separate ourselves from this current group, which is supposed to represent all current and former players in the NFL. They got their rear-ends kicked in front of the US Congress and they got their rear ends kicked in front of the judge. They paid millions of dollars in legal fees. They have made sure that they get re-elected by changing labor laws that retired players have no vote. The association was formed in 1956. We have no vote even though I pay dues and was a player representative all through that new time. Now this group, in my opinion, continues their hatred toward retired players.

The last NFLPA Directory that I have received even though I paid my dues was in 2006. The question I ask: They lost in Congress and they lost in open court and now they continue to pay all these lawyer fees – Why? They have strung it out and continue these legal fees and draw interest on the $28 million instead of paying off the debt.

I am an ex-linebacker and in the Hall of Fame and I do not see any Hall of Famers in the NFLPA.

My uniform number was scrambled in the Madden games and I just find this whole situation unbelievable.

I think it is time we separate ourselves from this group of union leaders so to speak even though it is called the Players Association and make them pay the 28 million that they lost in court and we go our own way and tell them to go to hell the same as they have told us.

Sam Huff
New York Giants, 1956-1964
Washington Redskins 1964-1969
Hall of Fame Linebacker

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  1. Dave Pear
    February 13th, 2009 at 8:37 pm #

    Dave Ring

    In the spring of 2008, the NFLPA (it was Gene Upshaw and Harold Henderson) arbitrarily eliminated retroactive benefits for retired players just before they opened the recent round of disability re-applications.

    These lawyers are running a business-inside-of-a-business and they simply make up new rules as they go in order to protect the plan and deal treacherously with the disabled player and his beneficiaries.

    However, Section 8.8 of the Plan clearly provides that “The Retirement Board and the Disability Initial Claims Committee will discharge their duties with respect to the Plan and Trust solely and exclusively in the interest of the Players and their Beneficiaries.”

    This is a clear violation of ERISA Law!


    Dave & Heidi Pear

  2. Bob Grant
    February 14th, 2009 at 1:53 pm #

    Bob Grant
    I hope that Sam will come on board with the work that is being done toward our Independent Retired Players Summit. I knew from others that he has always been a standup guy for players’ rights and have been wondering why he hasn’t registered with us. Hopefully, he will now.

    Bob Grant
    Player Advocate

    February 14th, 2009 at 2:30 pm #

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  4. Jim DiVergilis
    February 14th, 2009 at 2:56 pm #

    I agree! As a former certified NFLPA agent, I have seen the favoritism that the NFLPA gives certain players and/or agents. The whole thing needs to be blown up and neither Trace Armstrong or Troy Vincent will do any good for the current or former players. It is that both of these players (Armstrong & Vincent) were and are part of the problem at the NFLPA. Congress should stay involved, as they did in baseball steroid abuse and Teamsters intervention.

    Congress may need to take proactive action against the current NFLPA and implement a Trustee.

    Jim DiVergilis

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    February 14th, 2009 at 5:34 pm #

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  6. armen
    February 14th, 2009 at 9:12 pm #

    Here’s the problem with the NFLPA as I see it: Yes, the NFLPA is corrupt but at the same time, so’s the rest of the league. The problem is that the CBA contract between the owners and the union that gets signed doesn’t get challenged by the players. That’s the Number One problem. Also as corrupt as the union is, they’re taking way too much money from the current players – 63 cents from every dollar – and the players don’t have an outlet besides the union which has been screwing them. And until that gets resolved, nothing will change. It doesn’t matter who is leading in the union because the same practice is gonna continue.

  7. Ken Dickerson
    February 15th, 2009 at 10:55 am #

    When and where has the NFLPA helped disabled or retired players? There’s over a billion dollars in the Bert Bell Fund – why aren’t any former players involved in that plan {huh}? We’re on the sidelines looking in without any one speaking for us. Whenever this amount of money is involved, there will always be problems with honesty. Disability benefits look good on paper but only 90 players receiving total permanent benefits is a real JOKE. But to me, the kind of money they get is real money.

    Ken Dickerson