Like Father, Like Daughter

Jan 30, 2009

This just in: It’s now getting out that Congressman Jim Moran (D – Va) was the person responsible for outing Troy Vincent as the source that kicked off that recent Congressional inquiry into the Executive Director search process.

According to Liz Mullen and Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, Vincent spoke with at least two of the four Congressmen who sent a letter to former U.S. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao.

Vincent was outed by Jim Moran (D-Va.), a member of the House of Representatives.

Check out the rest of Mike Florio’s coverage on ProFootballTalk (PFT) by clicking HERE. (And check out some of the comments about Moran.)

And THIS just in now from the International Herald Tribune as well. Looks like they want to pin everything on Troy Vincent. Which means he just might be the best real candidate for the job! Read the Herald Tribune‘s story by clicking HERE.

But even more interesting: How did Moran get this information? His daughter is Mary Moran, the NFLPA’s Director of Human Resources. Who – by the way – was paid a whopping a $199,088 salary in 2007 alone (according to that Dept. of Labor LM-2 the NFLPA filed for 2007)! Guess she didn’t want Troy Vincent ruining a good thing for her. Small wonder the investigation is now mired in Congress. If an employee discloses confidential information in any normal corporation, you fire them. So what should happen to someone who’s supposed to set the tone and standard for an entire organization when THEY themselves violate that standard of ethics? Oh – and it’s also been noted that our good friend, Drew Brees, (see our previous post on Brees’ opinion on those whiny retired, disabled players HERE) is on the Executive Committee for the selection of the Executive Director. Can it get any more convoluted?

What’s next? Maybe they’ll write Al Gore and tell him that Troy Vincent’s responsible for Global Warming?!!

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