Snow Coming to Newport Beach Jan. 14th, 2009!

Dec 29, 2008

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Traveling Snow Job – er, Snow Show – will be arriving in Newport Beach CA on Jan. 14th, 2009. And, of course, even after major media coverage and objections by the majority of retired players and their families, it’s still a closed meeting. No spouses, no caregivers, no representatives and no media once again. However, traveling along with the Commissioner will be his lawyer, Harold Henderson, and probably a couple of his PR flaks to make sure no one misspeaks.

Guess this one’s just a sneaky way for the Commissioner’s crew to get a free all-expenses paid vacation to warmer weather in Southern California away from all that snow up in the chilly Northeast. Last time we looked, there wasn’t a football team in Newport Beach. Never mind the fact that the very players they’re supposed to be helping won’t be able to afford the trip in peak tourist season if they can’t pay for their medical bills. And this meeting’s going to be at 6:30 pm which means anyone coming down from LA will have to leave early to make their way through rush hour traffic if they want to make the meeting on time. GoogleMaps tells us that the drive from LA to Newport Beach is 43.7 miles – about 47 minutes each way (up to 2 hours 10 minutes in traffic). (Click on the Map to enlarge it.) Welcome to LA!

But somehow, we’re pretty sure that several members of Goodell’s “Alliance” will likely manage to attend; you would too if it meant all expenses were covered by the NFL for a trip to sunny, Southern California in mid-January.

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  1. Ange Coniglio
    December 29th, 2008 at 9:57 pm #

    Ange Coniglio

    Have you sent this to Alan Schwarz of the New York Times? What happened to Harry Carson’s statement him, “Well, I guess it would be okay for some wives to come”?

    Ange Coniglio

  2. Lou Piccone
    December 30th, 2008 at 6:02 pm #

    Lou Piccone

    Redundancy is a very special quality and it should yield some recognition by the upper crust and the elite of the NFL; unfortunately the dead, dying, the crippled and those who suffer in the twilight of life – when they should truly be enjoying quality – receive absolutely no recognition for their labor and sacrifice in the way of meaningful benefits. It was established that “quality of life” should be afforded those who battled with owners to create the most opulent sport in today’s economy through “Free Agency.”

    Today, The Players Association partners with the owners. Why? Because the battle was won in Supreme Court, which ALL of the former players were responsible for. Why doesn’t the Commissioner just get to it and make the call, be a Hero to all of those that made the game what it is. Pull the Trigger and let the current player community have it between the eyes and give the Percentage of the Gross which Ed Garvey started and Gene Upshaw carried forward – through the efforts of the former/Retired Players who made the stand. Many lost their jobs and are now faced with the physically devastating aftermath which reached a quantum proportion after 40-50 years of being discounted as a group; all by the same executive leadership that disbanded the union, went to Supreme Court with Class Action and then won our right to Freedom in Football. Does anyone even remember “No Freedom No Football” in ’74 and all the strides that were made and all the barriers that eventually came down? Well, today it’s time to take down that last barrier and create the “Quality of Life” standard for the Men Of The NFL that made it recognized worldwide.

    Greed! it has many faces.

    It truly is the Golden Parachute at an early age for those that play today. Share the Wealth with those that got you there. There is a magic number! Find It! Create a System that delivers it! Define it! Then implement what has been defined.

    It truly is all about RESPECT! I Think Aretha Franklin got it right!

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Find out what it means to me!

    What does it mean to you, Commissioner?

    So that’s a mouthful (and those of you that can follow this are truly gifted!). How many times does the Commissioner have to hear the same stories? Does he think it’s going to change by traveling the country and talking to different players with the same stories… over and over… and over… That is truly sad; it should be embarrassing to the Commissioner because it truly is to me. I was a Player Rep, Executive Committee Member during the Strike in ’82, then had two terms of Steering Committee. I lost my job for my participation, was terminated illegally, had to file a grievance… and won the battle but lost the war. Had my constitutional rights violated when I was forced to play out my option by an illegal contract, not once but twice. I came in as a scab, went out as an Executive Committee member and am now embarrassed at the results achieved through the neglect of the very men who paid the ultimate price to achieve those results.

    Rather than have the Commissioner travel around the country, just create a document – a petition, if you will – and have one of the representative organizations that all of us participate in as retired players send it out. The petition could document all of the major issues and everyone could sign off on it…

    Just do it once. No need to poll any more and just get to it!

    These are the ramblings of a 10-year warrior and a believer in R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Let’s have some, Commissioner!

    Lou Piccone
    NY Jets – 74-76
    Buffalo Bills – 77-83