Another Call for an Audit

Dec 21, 2008

Michael-Louis Ingram over at Black Athlete Sports Network just wrote an excellent piece titled, The Greatest GAME Ever Played? The story starts with ESPN’s recent replay of the legendary 1958 National Football League game between Baltimore Colts and New York Giants (digitally-enhanced AND colorized from black-and-white!).

Ingram’s article recognizes the contribution that those early players made to the game in getting it to where it is today. In fact, he compares the NFL’s phenomenal growth to IBM. Ingram’s story goes on to provide a good, short overview on that recent NFLPA/Players Inc. trial. His closing paragraphs pretty much sum things up and we’re looking forward to BASN’s ongoing investigation:

“With the $28 million averaging out to roughly $4,000 a head, two things still stand to reason. One, that’s not a lotta cabbage, given the length of time and no adjustments for cost – of – living allowances; and two, there are still thousands of other players who weren’t included in the class action suit.

Either way, the next three letters after NFL in this case should be I.O.U.; immediately followed by GAO.

Until the government audits the NFL to examine their true net worth, this all remains a pissing contest.

BASN contacted the NFLPA and the NFL for feedback on these issues, and we will delve into their responses as well as other aspects of salvaging a better quality of life for the disposable heroes of yesteryear.”

Read the entire article by clicking HERE.

It’s interesting to note that the last 25+ years of great growth for the NFL and the NFLPA came at a great price for the retired players and coincided with the recently-departed Gene Upshaw’s iron-fisted management. Guess we can at least give the NFLPA under Upshaw’s rule due credit for being an equal opportunity abuser.

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  1. Dave Pear
    December 21st, 2008 at 4:39 pm #

    Dave & Heidi Pear
    Dear Michael-Louis,

    Thank you for standing up for Truth and Justice! You’re correct in supporting our request for a GAO (Government Accountability Office) AUDIT. This audit will expose the GREED and FRAUD that is pervasive in our union the NFLPA. The NFLPA was found guilty of violating their fiduciary duty to players over GLA’s (Group Licensing Agreements) and surely they’re VIOLATING their fiduciary duty over disability! They VIOLATE FEDERAL LAW (ERISA) on a regular basis!

    Any union has a fiduciary duty to its members. To call the NFLPA a union is a disgrace and hurts all legitimate unions. The NFLPA is not a union! It’s an exclusive social club, only benefiting select people.

    We will continue with zeal to stand firm and petition for justice!

    Dave & Heidi Pear

  2. Marvin Cobb
    December 21st, 2008 at 11:59 pm #

    Marvin Cobb
    Thank you, Michael. Your piece cuts to the meat of the matter, and we need more of this kind of clarity.

    Well said, Dave. Something was wrong with Ed Garvey, and something went terribly wrong with Gene. Let’s hope there is enough scrutiny on this new selection to make a difference in the status quo. If not, it’s going to be hard to argue that the NFLPA can and/or should continue to represent active players while just pretending to represent retired players. Aren’t we all the same? Just wait until the day after tomorrow, and let them see what we already know. The difference between the last day we were active and the first day we were retired is many times not as big as we thought.

    Marvin Cobb

  3. Vince Ferragamo
    December 22nd, 2008 at 12:28 pm #

    Vince Ferragamo


    Please add my opinion that the collective group of players affected by infringement rights needs to be verified. The class action suit awarded to the retired players is great and needs to be distributed accordingly.

    Vince Ferragamo
    LA Rams, Buffalo Bills
    Green Bay Packers
    1977 -1986

  4. jack barry
    December 26th, 2008 at 10:15 am #

    Good work…

    I also think that you might all want to get a professional PR firm on your side to issue regular PR updates.

    The NFL is masterful at doing PR, with its “NFL Charities” and all that…

    The owners have to get the point that it is smarter economically for them to bring up the benefits of you retired/disabled guys …to a parity level with the NBA and MLB.

    Happy Holidays
    Jack Barry in S.F.