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Nov 11, 2008
Gene Berthelsen

Gene Berthelsen

Now that Round One is over, there’s been lots of coverage on the NFLPA lawsuit verdict everywhere. In this typical article from the Los Angeles Times (click HERE to read it) and many more along with it – it seems that acting NFLPA Executive Director Richard Berthelsen is doing his best to carry on in his best Gene Upshaw tradition. He hires an expensive antitrust New York law firm to represent them (all at your union’s expense, of course) and then when they lose, he instantly declared that it was a “Miscarriage of justice” in his first public statements.

Even worse, lead counsel for the NFLPA, Jeffrey Kessler went so far as to invoke his Grandmother to emphasize how stupid the judge and the jury had to be to not get it.

“Even my grandmother, if she were here today, would be shocked at the vindictive attack of deceit, name calling, requests for punitive damages, that came out of this effort to try to help these retired players,” Kessler said.

Your Grandmother? Mr. Kessler, your Grandmother would be rolling in her grave to hear you talking about her like that.

As someone who’s never been a big sports fan for most of my life, this whole episode looks so insanely stupid, it’s beyond belief. From where I stand, this is what it looks like: You do a licensing deal with a big game manufacturer for millions of dollars up front, you make the retired players sign licensing agreements to sell their images and reputations, you go out of your way to stiff those players out of any royalties they have coming to them, you hire one of the most expensive litigation law firms in the country to defend you (using THEIR money, of course), you lose the case in front of a very fair judge and a well-educated jury, and then you have the nerve to say you shouldn’t have lost. AND you’ll then hire the same expensive law firm (once again on THEIR dime) to appeal the judge and jury’s wrong decision. Oh – and you also work for the players’ union. Did I get it all or did I miss something here because I’m also probably too stupid to get it?

Did it ever occur to you that the money you’ve wasted – and are about to waste – will probably be as much if not more than what you stiffed the players out of in the first place?

And here’s the clip straight off the NFLPA’s own post-trial reporting. They don’t just call it a miscarriage of justice. In their humble opinion, it’s A COMPLETE Miscarriage of Justice! We call it a COMPLETE waste of the players’ money!

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