Dave Looks for His “Death Benefit Policy”

Sep 29, 2008

Over the summer, the NFLPA offered a 4-month window for retired disabled players to apply or re-apply for their benefits. As many of you know, I was eventually approved for Inactive T&P (Total & Permanent) Disability benefits (but not Football Degenerative T&P benefits). We’re still continuing to file our objections to the Review Board over my original disqualification since 1983. (You can read more about this by clicking HERE and HERE.)

After a lot of foot-dragging, NFLPA Benefits Director, Paul Scott, finally sent me a letter alluding to a “Death Benefit” that many of us had apparently signed up for years ago when we took retirement. This benefit is supposed to provide those meager benefits to our surviving spouses when we die. (Read Paul Scott’s letter to me HERE.) But in spite of years and years of taking unitemized deductions for this “benefit” and even going as far as to hire AON to work out the actuarial factors for each of the players, I can’t seem to find anyone who has so much as looked at a policy or document that spells out the terms of this “benefit.”

So last week, we decided to compose a letter directly to Mr. Gregory Case, current President & CEO of AON Corp. in Chicago. AON (AOC) is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange and has ties to the MacCaskey family and the Chicago Bears. Mr. Case was installed as the new CEO in April 2005 after the company admitted to bid-rigging and price-fixing in three states (in all fairness, so was Marsh & McLennan Cos.), resulting in a public apology to shareholders along with a tidy fine of $190 million. (Read that story in the International Herald Tribune HERE.) While AON may or may not be the Company holding our death benefits ploicy (and money), their deep involvement with the NFL and NFLPA on so many levels would indicate that they should be able to provide me with more information than I’ve received so far from the NFLPA. While we were at it, we also went ahead and CC:’ed the letter to a list of several other potentially interested parties, including the Insurance Commissioners in several states as well as the Attorneys General in several states (many were states where I’ve lived in over the years since I first started applying for my benefits). CEO Greg Case was brought in as a change-agent to replace former CEO Patrick Ryan after the Company settled their charges.

The letters were sent out last Thursday (Sept. 25th) by USPS Priority Mail and it looks like 10 of the letters have already been delivered today.

The CC: list is at the bottom of my letter. Here’s my letter (click on each image to enlarge it for easier reading.)

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  1. Randy Beisler
    September 30th, 2008 at 9:47 am #

    Randy Beisler
    Also, what happen to the life insurance policy (Lincoln National) that we were supposed to receive based on our years of service?

    Randy Beisler

  2. Dave Pear
    September 30th, 2008 at 12:52 pm #

    Dave Pear - College Days

    Great question! We all need to compare notes to see what has been promised to us over the years and then forgotten.

    Dave Pear