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Aug 8, 2008

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal‘s Bob Wolfley wrote about a recent interview with Paul Hornung on Sirius Radio’s The Opening Drive. Hornung was running back for the Green Bay Packers 1957 – 1966 and had recently undergone hip replacement surgery at 72. Here’s the clip:

Paul Hornung Green Bay Packers

“Former Packers running back Paul Hornung has had a hip replacement and said he now needs a new knee.

The Hall of Famer said Wednesday during an interview on Sirius NFL Radio that his kinds of ailments are common among the players who competed in the National Football League during his time.

Hornung, 72, played for Green Bay from 1957-’66.

“I look back on my career, I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Hornung told “The Opening Drive” co-hosts Randy Cross and Dan Reeves. “But we didn’t have good doctors. Our doctor was (Vince) Lombardi, quite frankly. I mean, what the hell, if the bone wasn’t sticking out of the leg he felt you were ready to play.”

Hornung said many players from his era are in need of aid.

“I see all my teammates,” Hornung said. “Willie Wood can get around but not very well and he needs help. I’ve got five guys, my teammates, who need some help from the NFL. And you know what really peeved me about Green Bay? They offered Brett Favre ($20 million) just to hang around as an ambassador and we’ve got guys who played 10 and 12 years back then who don’t have enough money to operate, for heaven’s sakes. If you’ve got that much money just to give to a guy to show up at a game and be a Good Time Charlie then, damn it, they should try to take care of the players who played 10 or 12 years and need the money very badly.””

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  1. Ange Coniglio
    August 10th, 2008 at 7:57 am #

    And Paul Hornung played on the flagship team of the mighty NFL! A Hall of Famer and icon in his time.

    Imagine the screwing that former AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE players are getting, like Wayne Hawkins, who played all ten years of the AFL, a five time All-Star and 1967 AFL Champion, but unrecognized because he played in the AFL. THe AFL, which in actuality forced the NFL to expand, play Super Bowls, and a myriad other features now associated with today’s Professional Football, but initiated by the AFL and players like Wayne.

    $200 a month pension! The NFL, its union, its lawyers, and all its sycophants should hang their heads in shame!

    Ange Coniglio
    Ange Coniglio

  2. tony dorsett
    August 10th, 2008 at 9:06 am #

    Tony Dorsett
    I agree with Paul 100%!

    Tony Dorsett

  3. Dave Pear
    August 10th, 2008 at 1:20 pm #

    Dave Pear card

    I also agree that the NFL, NFLPA and ALL their lawyers should hang their heads in shame! They continue to act ruthlessly towards retired players with no indication of remorse. However, as they continue to paint themselves into a corner, the court of public opinion and a court of law will ultimately expose their GREED.

    Dave Pear

  4. Conrad Dobler
    August 11th, 2008 at 5:04 am #

    Conrad Dobler - Saints
    I was turned down again for disability. They said that I applied 25 years too late! They know that this wasn’t true – I first applied 35 years ago and the NFLPA sent me an application for T&P knowing full well that I would not qualify. They dragged the process on for over 1.5 years then claimed that I was past the age of 45 and was then no longer qualified.

    The doctor – Dr. Tres (?) – even said in his report that I could receive Line of Duty but was not instructed by the NFLPA to qualify me for this compensation.

    I was under the impression 30 years ago the the NFLPA was there to help me perfect my case (which it says it’s responsible for in the by-laws). They did nothing but find a way to put me in a place where I would be denied and then dragged it out for over two years to put me outside the age limit. So the final response from the NFLPA was that it was to late for Line of Duty because I was then past the age of 45 even though I started the process 4 years before I reached the age of 45! I had to see three different doctors who ALL qualified me for Line of Duty but the NFLPA wanted a determination for T&P. And all of THOSE doctors were submitted to me by the NFLPA!

    I suppose I should appeal. Their response to me was a total lie and they know it. My first application was submitted on time but in the form of T&P and not on the claim form which would have been awarded in Line of Duty. I should have been receiving Line of Duty benefits for the past 30 years!

    Gerry Spence, the great trial lawyer form Wyoming, told me 30 years ago that once you retire you will receive absolutely NO help from the union which you help established. He was right.

    Conrad Dobler

  5. Dave Pear
    August 11th, 2008 at 9:50 am #

    Dave Pear

    I feel your pain. I strongly encourage you to appeal your denial for disability. Sooner or later, these rascals will be held accountable for their greedy deeds but don’t stop requesting justice or restitution. Continue to take your stand for your earned benefits that you and your family were denied. The NFLPA would like us to just go away but we’ll stand firm and push on for ALL retired players!