Dave Gets a Package on April Fools Day

Apr 4, 2008

Dave Pear

Well, after weeks of calling and calling and leaving messages with the Alliance offices for Sarah Gaunt, I finally received a package on Tuesday, April 1, 2008 from the NFL Player Benefits Office out of Baltimore. When I had called their offices last Thursday, CJ told me to leave a message for a “Rosemary” and that she would call me back later in the day. I never heard back from anyone through the weekend and the next thing you know, this package shows up on April Fools Day! (Click on images to enlarge for reading.)

My FedEx Tracking Receipt

Keep in mind that I had been told to expect this package much sooner as the window for applications will only be open for 4 months from  April 1st to July 31st, 2008. (Could they possibly have been concerned about ensuring that this material arrived on time so as not to appear to be dragging their feet again?) Inside the package was a personal letter from Sarah Gaunt. Her letter was dated March 31st and the package was shipped on March 31st (I was told it was shipped on Friday for Saturday morning delivery) — they’re really trying to earn those big bucks!

Sarah Gaunt’s Letter from the NFL Player Benefits Office

Her letter instructs me to direct further questions to “Plan Counsel,” Lawrence Lamade from the law firm of Akin Gump or to Doug Ell from the Groom Law Group. Interestingly, both firms appear to work for the NFL and the NFLPA alternately, depending on who you talk to. And Larry Lamade, as you may recall, was directed to assist me by Commissioner Goodell in finding all of the Plan documents and revisions to date. See my earlier post HERE with details on what I’ve received from Mr. Lamade and Akin Gump so far (and the paperwork from the times the NFL and NFLPA declined my applications in the past.)

Larry Lamade - Akin Gump

Larry Lamade - Akin Gump


Doug Ell - Groom Law Group

And here’s a copy of that enclosed Notice that was supposed to have been sent out some time in March 2008 (that a lot of us have been looking forward to reading!) Note that their document clearly states that in order to qualify for a Football Degenerative benefit, you have to have your application in by March 31st, 2008! And my package didn’t even arrive until April 1st! I’m also posting the pages covering details on the plan and we hope to be doing more coverage on the people who were on the panel (For example, why was NFL Alumni CEO, Frank Krauser, sitting in on the discussions? This was a guy who gave away $800 to just one “dire need” candidate that he managed to find in 2005 while chomping on a cigar and enjoying a $250,000 salary!).

Changes to PlanAlliance Announcement Page 1.Alliance Announcement Page 2Alliance Announcement Page 3

I’m trusting that other fellow players have also received this same package by now. We’ll be posting more on this as it unfolds. I’m hoping that everyone who has applied for this package or has received one will contact us so that we can continue to compare notes on our progress.

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  1. Rob Thompson
    April 7th, 2008 at 7:12 am #

    Dave good morning;

    I am a writer living in Attica NY, I am completing a book on the Bills with proceeds going to 4th and Goal. I have written three best selling short stories on Amazon.com, “Last Call”, “Why Reuban” and “Grandmas Drum” all three went #1. Royalties aren’t much but I could write your story have it it published on Amazon, you take all royalties, it’s just a way to get the news out to a broader audience.

    Rob Thompson